Ben Affleck Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

27th February 2017

Fact: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's sci-fi drama series Incorporated has been axed after just one season. The show, which starred Dennis Haysbert and was executive produced by the Oscar winners, aired on America's Syfy network.

10th January 2017

Quote: "I look like an idiot. I had no idea what was happening... We were literally kids and it was totally overwhelming; it was like being in a car accident." Ben Affleck looks back on photos of himself and his Good Will Hunting collaborator Matt Damon the night they won the Best Screenplay prize at the Oscars two decades ago.

13th October 2016

Quote: "Ben's riding my coattails. His career needed a boost and I said, 'Alright, come along'." Oscar winner J.K. Simmons jokes about working on three projects with his The Accountant co-star Ben Affleck. The actors are also teaming up for the upcoming superhero blockbusters Justice League and The Batman, with Simmons portraying Commissioner Gordon and Affleck reprising his role as the Caped Crusader from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

7th October 2016

Quote: "I met him years ago at a party - I had to explain what a Jonas Brother was to him! And then we ended up doing this movie together." Anna Kendrick has a funny memory of her first run-in with Ben Affleck, her new co-star in action thriller The Accountant.

24th May 2016

Fact: Best pals Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are to receive Guys of the Decade honours at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards this summer (16). The Good Will Hunting stars will join fellow honourees Anna Kendrick and Gigi Hadid at the ceremony on 9 June (16).

28th March 2016

Quote: "My eldest daughter is not a big (superhero movie fan). She's a big Harry Potter fan. It would have been a bigger deal if I was one of the gnomes in the background at the bank in Harry Potter." Ben Affleck's eldest kid Violet is not a fan of dad's new Batman role.

24th March 2016

Quote: "She works very hard and she's great with the kids... We put them first and take it one step at a time and do our best." Ben Affleck is full of admiration for his estranged wife Jennifer Garner as they work through their divorce following their split last summer (15). The former couple shares daughters Violet and Seraphina, and son Samuel.

17th March 2016

Fact: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Ben Affleck was given quite the fright after a man dressed as Wonder Woman scared him during an appearance on U.S. chat show The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday (16Mar16). The faux superhero popped out of a side table sending the actor nearly out of his seat. The comedienne showed him an instant replay, prompting Ben to exclaim, "I was genuinely scared by that!"

14th March 2016

Quote: "It's the way Ricky Gervais perceives me, I suppose. Whatever. I've had jokes made at my expense before. It's part of the deal." Ben Affleck has no problem with the British comedian's tongue-in-cheek Golden Globes joke, in which Gervais branded the actor "unfaithful" as he introduced his best pal, Matt Damon, to the stage. The comment referenced unfounded rumours suggesting Ben's infidelity was to blame for the end of his 10-year marriage with his estranged wife Jennifer Garner.

3rd March 2016

Fact: Ben Affleck recently stunned fans taking a tour of the Warner Bros. Studios lot in California by making a surprise appearance in a Batmobile. The actor, who portrays the Caped Crusader in the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, stunned tourists as he popped open the car door to reveal his presence, prompting one woman to ask, "Are you real?", to which the star responded, "I am real!" The stunt was filmed as part of a charity drive on to offer devotees the chance to win tickets to the film's Hollywood premiere in exchange for a $10 (£7) donation. Proceeds will benefit a trio of good causes, including Affleck's Eastern Congo Initiative, works to create economic and social development in the war-torn region.

27th February 2016

Quote: "You know what we would say in my hometown about that? 'Bless his heart.' A phoenix rising from the ashes. Am I the ashes in this scenario?" Jennifer Garner suggests she isn't a fan of her estranged husband Ben Affleck's new full-back tattoo, which features a large phoenix. The couple split last summer (15).

23rd October 2015

Quote: "If I could make it work, yeah. Obviously that would be like a dream. The trick is, as to any movie, is to make sure that you - if you're going to direct it - that you can make it good. You've got to have the right idea and the right take on it... Broadly speaking, it's something I'd be open to, for sure. It's a very exciting idea." Ben Affleck is interested in directing a stand-alone Batman movie. The Oscar winner plays the Caped Crusader in upcoming blockbuster Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

16th July 2015

Fact: Diehard Boston Red Sox fan Ben Affleck made a surprise appearance at the ESPYS sports awards on Wednesday night (15Jul15) to pay tribute to recently retired New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter. Before presenting the ESPY Icon Award to Jeter, Affleck said of the athlete, "He broke my heart 100 times - if not more - and he broke it again when he retired because he was absolutely one of the best to ever play the game of baseball. To you, Derek Jeter, I tip my hat - you made the game better for everyone."

10th July 2015

Fact: Ben Affleck's turn as BATMAN has just been extended - the Oscar winner will portray the Caped Crusader in a stand-alone movie which he'll also direct. Affleck has teamed up with comic book icon Geoff Johns for the new Batman movie, which he'll start work on after wrapping his upcoming adaptation of Denis Lehane's crime novel Live by Night. The Argo star will make his debut as the comic book superhero in Man of Steel sequel Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice next year (16).

3rd July 2015

Quote: "Daredevil didn't work, at all. If I wanted to go viral I would be less polite. That was before people realised you could make these movies and make them well. There was a cynical sense of, 'Put a red leather outfit on a guy, have him run around, hunt some bad guys, and cash the cheque...'" Ben Affleck, who portrays Batman in the forthcoming Man of Steel sequel, chooses his words carefully as he accepts his first attempt at a superhero movie, 2003 film flop DAREDEVIL, was no good. The actor met his current wife, Jennifer Garner, on the set of the action film, but they announced plans to divorce on Tuesday (30Jun15).

3rd July 2015

Quote: "Batman is basically the American version of Hamlet. We accept that he's played by actors with different interpretations." Hollywood actor Ben Affleck compares his latest movie character to William Shakespeare's tragic prince HAMLET.

17th April 2015

Fact: The teaser trailer for upcoming superhero film BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE leaked on the Internet on Thursday night (16Apr15). The promo, the first showing Ben Affleck as Batman, who goes up against Henry Cavill's Superman, was due to debut on Monday (20Apr15).

18th March 2015

Quote: "There were tears... It was like the greatest moment of his life. It actually was though! I birthed babies for him and I've still, just have never seen the pure joy, really, you know? Such an emotional (night)..." Actress Jennifer Garner was stunned at how overjoyed husband Ben Affleck was when his beloved New England Patriots football team won the Super Bowl in Feburary (15).

30th January 2015

Fact: Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Chris Evans and Steven Tyler were among the stars who took part in a Super Bowl-related skit on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night U.S. chat show. The celebrities all tried to convince Tv viewers that the Bostonian characters they had created were responsible for deflating footballs for the New England Patriots' NFC Championship clash with the Indianapolis Colts. Quarterback Tom Brady has denied reports he asked equipment bosses to let air out of game balls so he and his teammates could get a better grip. The Patriots won the game and will take on the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Sunday (01Feb15).

22nd January 2015

Quote: "We got a lot of crap at that time. And it was because we were together... there was a whole other thing that was happening. There are worse movies than Gigli out there!" Actress Jennifer Lopez insists her widely-panned 2003 film with then-fiance Ben Affleck doesn't deserve its ranking as one of the worst movies ever made.

21st January 2015

Quote: "I wish I hadn't! Now I wish I hadn't! That was like, 'Ugh'." Superstar Jennifer Lopez regrets giving back the rare pink diamond engagement ring she had received from her former fiance Ben Affleck. The actor proposed in 2002, but the couple split in 2004.

13th January 2015

Quote: "There could be a sequel at some point if everyone is game to get the gang back together. It'd be really fun a few years from now. We'd pick it up and see what those crazy people are up to and if they got on - not well I don't think. I would have to have the exact same people to do it. I would want Rosamund, Ben and Fincher." Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn wants a sequel to the movie adaptation of her hit book if she can get Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck and director David Fincher on board.

7th January 2015

Fact: Ben Affleck has been named the recipient of the Favorite Humanitarian award at the 2015 People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday (07Jan15).

31st December 2014

Quote: "My wife and I made Pearl Harbor and Daredevil. With our track record, I don't know if anyone's looking for a three-quel." Ben Affleck has no plans to reunite with Jennifer Garner onscreen after their previous projects were poorly-received by critics. The couple has been married since 2005.

30th December 2014

Quote: "I've been really lucky in my personal relationships. I look back and think the major relationships I've had were all with really good people who I like quite a bit still to this day." Actor Ben Affleck has nothing but love for his famous exes, which include Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lopez. He went on to wed Jennifer Garner, with whom he has three children.

16th October 2014

Fact: Ben Affleck's Batman stint has been extended - the Gone Girl star will don the mask and cape again for 2017's Justice League Part One. Affleck will make his debut as the Caped Crusader in 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

6th October 2014

Quote: "I have regrets about Daredevil. I have regrets about all the movies that I don't think were executed properly... If I thought we were remaking Daredevil, I'd be out there picketing myself... and that goes for other movies as well that I haven't been happy with. You know, I'm hard on myself and I have exacting standards and I want to do excellent work and I don't always succeed, but I think you have to start out with that drive." Ben Affleck insists his upcoming portrayal of Batman in the Man of Steel sequel won't be anything like his last comic book movie, Daredevil.

3rd October 2014

Quote: "He looks pretty good. It's a little bit like, 'Whoa, who are you?' It feels like I'm having an affair, but I don't mind, I'm not complaining." Actress Jennifer Garner is happy with husband Ben Affleck's new muscular physique for the Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice film. Affleck is playing Batman in the highly-anticipated movie.

1st October 2014

Quote: "I try to get it in every movie. The penis is in there! It’s Imax penis! You’ve gotta pay 15 bucks to see it in 3D... It's better in 3D." Ben Affleck reveals fans will get a glimpse of his manhood in new film Gone Girl.

29th September 2014

Quote: "I asked them, like, 'What about maybe taking the suit home at the end of the thing?' And they're like, 'For $100,000 you can.' I was like, 'Maybe I'll just take a picture.'" Actor Ben Affleck will have to pay up if he wants to slip back into his Batman suit for a little dress-up fun after filming wraps on the Man of Steel sequel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

18th September 2014

Quote: "I can show you 10 articles of Star and Ok! - those magazines feel totally comfortable absolutely fictionalising every single element of the story. And there’s nothing you can do about that. My only hope is that people with any common sense recognise that those stories are false." Ben Affleck reacts to stories suggesting his marriage to Jennifer Garner is in trouble.

15th September 2014

Quote: "For better or worse, I tend to be the one who says, 'This is what needs to happen'. I know who wants what lunch, and I've done all the school paperwork and filled out the emergency cards. Ben doesn't know that stuff exists. He is in charge of laughter. No matter how much I tickle them or toss them or chase them around, it's not the same. If I'm the slow, steady drumbeat, he's the jazz." Actress Jennifer Garner on how she and her husband Ben Affleck share parental responsibilities.

15th August 2014

Quote: "Every time I do a role, it's the responsibility of an actor to get their physical self as close to the role as possible. And Batman's obviously got a set of expectations that are tough. So I spent a lot of time working out. It's (role) a far cry from Gone Girl, where my character is described as 'puffy and hungover'." Ben Affleck on portraying Batman after playing beleaguered Nick Dunne in the movie adaptation of Gillian Flynn's novel.

14th August 2014

Quote: "Before I took the role, Warner Bros. (executives) gave me a bunch of past reactions to casting and said, 'Are you sure you want to get into this? This is part and parcel of these movies now. There's a lot of active fans with a lot of opinions...' I wouldn't have taken the part if I didn't trust my instincts in terms of the filmmaking. I think Chris Terrio wrote a terrific script. Zack's a great visual director... I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think I could do it." Ben Affleck addresses the fan backlash to his casting as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, which is being directed by Zack Snyder.

27th July 2014

Fact: Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill made surprise appearances at Comic-Con on Saturday (26Jul14) to join director Zach Snyder as he unveiled the first clip from their highly-anticipated Man Of Steel sequel, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Hours before the presentation, the filmmaker also unveiled the first look at Affleck in his Batman cowl and later treated fans to a sneak peek at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

25th July 2014

Fact: The cape and cowl Ben Affleck will wear as the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has gone on display at Comic-Con in San Diego, California.

17th July 2014

Fact: Ben Affleck's new movie Gone Girl is to open the New York Film Festival in September (14).

27th June 2014

Quote: "We had a great time together (while filming the movie)... but then Ben came on the scene and that was the end of that." Actor Mark Ruffalo jokes his friendship with his 13 Going on 30 co-star Jennifer Garner ended when she started dating her now-husband Ben Affleck. The Hollywood couple wed in 2005.

27th June 2014

Quote: "He's obviously the most important life partner that I've had in my life." Ben Affleck on his longtime best friend Matt Damon, with whom he's reviving their filmmaking reality Tv series Project Greenlight.

20th June 2014

Quote: "I did kind of like say, 'You need to be, you know, you're a movie star! You should wear a suit, you know? You should do this with your hair... He didn't do anything he didn't want to do... He had some good fashion moments when he was with me." Jennifer Lopez takes credit for helping to revamp ex-fiance Ben Affleck's look while they were dating in the early 2000s.

10th April 2014

Quote: "I make pyjamas for the kids with Ben's face on it that they sleep in if they're, you know (upset) and I put his voice in things, like there's a teddy bear you can get that you can put their voice in the paw, so I'll do stuff like that." Actress Jennifer Garner goes to great lengths to ensure her three children with husband Ben Affleck don't miss their father too much when he's filming on location.

10th January 2014

Quote: "He's the only director I've met who can do everybody else's job better than they could." Ben Affleck on working with master moviemaker David Fincher on the set of Gone Girl.

11th December 2013

Quote: "In the U.K. they have a good system: if you take a kid's picture, you have to blur out the face. It protects the privacy of children. I wish we would do that here." Ben Affleck wants America to adopt the same paparazzi laws as other governments have overseas.

11th December 2013

Quote: "People say Pearl Harbor was a bomb. It was absolutely not. It did half a billion dollars, but it became a light piece of entertainment... It was a disappointment because I thought we were making an iconic movie... a Titanic kind of movie." Ben Affleck insists Pearl Harbor wasn't the flop many think it was.

10th December 2013

Quote: "The only movie I actually regret is Daredevil. It just kills me. I love that story, that character, and the fact that it got f**ked up the way it did stays with me. Maybe that's part of the motivation to do Batman." Ben Affleck on his major movie role regret. The actor is now preparing to star as the Caped Crusader in the forthcoming Man Of Steel sequel.

10th December 2013

Quote: "She won most of the fights in the movie, which was a pretty good predictor of what would happen down the road - my wife, holding swords and beating the living s**t out of me." Ben Affleck jokes about his life mirroring that of his character in Daredevil - the film in which he fell in love with his wife Jennifer Garner.

10th December 2013

Quote: "If I thought the result would be another Daredevil, I'd be out there picketing myself. Why would I make the movie if I didn’t think it was going to be good and that I could be good in it?" Ben Affleck fires back at critics who believe his turn as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel will turn the project into another huge comic book superhero flop like Daredevil.

9th December 2013

Quote: "She is by leaps and bounds the most important person to me... Over the past 10 years she has allowed me to have a stable home life while accomplishing my professional goals." Ben Affleck heaps praise on his wife Jennifer Garner.

1st November 2013

Quote: "Spermy has so far been held at bay... There are 57 kinds of contraceptives being used... three of them are under the age of eight, but so far so good... I think that's enough. I think we have provided the world with enough." Actress Jennifer Garner jokes about her "spermy" husband Ben Affleck and their efforts to avoid falling pregnant for the fourth time.

30th October 2013

Fact: Ben Affleck's daughters have made him a lucky Boston Red Sox hat by pinning a red sock to the back of a beanie they have decorated with glitter glue. The movie star's team haven't lost a game while he's wearing the hat, so he'll have it fixed to his head as he watches game six of the World Series on Wednesday (30Oct13). If the Red Sox win, they will be named world champions.

3rd October 2013

Quote: "I don't think I'll have anything to do with that movie. I was in a movie that was the end of a trilogy that I was super proud and fortunate to be in. I think these next movies are sort of a separate chapter." Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn't expect to portray Batman's sidekick Robin opposite Ben Affleck in the sequel to Superman: Man Of Steel.

27th September 2013

Quote: "We were stuck in the middle of nowhere, so we went to this bar and I ended up competing against all the boys to see who could hold a plank for the longest. I won. I was quite proud about that." British actress Gemma Arterton proved she could lie face-down and motionless in an unusual place (planking) longer than her Runner, Runner co-stars Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake during a break in filming on location in Puerto Rico.

20th September 2013

Quote: "I love Justin. Being around Justin is inspiring, he works really hard, he's incredibly gifted. There's nothing the guy can't do. I really am the biggest fan of his." Ben Affleck loves his Runner Runner co-star.

14th September 2013

Fact: Ben Affleck is set to direct a new crime show the the small screen. The actor/director will helm the pilot episode of The Middle Man, a series set in the 1960s about a Federal Bureau of Investigation (Fbi) agent and his attempts to take down the Italian-American mafia. The Tv programme is expected to go into production early next year (14).

11th September 2013

Quote: "You know, it doesn't make practical sense. When he's directing especially, I need to take care of him. I need to be taking care of our family." Actress Jennifer Garner has no plans to work with her husband Ben Affleck on a movie project.

25th August 2013

Tweet: "Affleck'll crush it. He's got the chops, he's got the chin - just needs the material. Affleck & Cavill toe to toe - I'm in." Director Joss Whedon tweets his support for Ben Affleck after he was cast as Batman in the upcoming Man Of Steel sequel. Comic book fans have launched an online petition to get Affleck ousted from the role.

14th August 2013

Quote: "It's a conscious decision. Sometimes it's a pain because my heels are so high and it would be nice to have his arm (to lean on). And he's such a great date. But it can be too much. I think especially for women, they can really lose their identity and just become '(the) wife of'." Actress Jennifer Garner explains why she rarely attends red carpet events with her famous husband Ben Affleck.

31st July 2013

Quote: "We bought a house right down the street from them... We can go bring milk and eggs over to them in the morning... We love New York but we're gonna give L.A. a shot." Matt Damon is following through with plans to relocate to California so his children can play with his pals Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's young kids.

26th July 2013

Fact: Comedian and U.S. talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has whisked his new wife, Molly Mcnearney, off to Portofino, Italy for their honeymoon. The couple wed in California on 13 July (13) in front of pals including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jennifer Aniston.

24th July 2013

Quote: "I'm a big fan, but there's nothing he's not good at. He sings, he writes music and he's a killer golfer. After a while, you don't want to be around him!" Ben Affleck is jealous of multi-talented superstar Justin Timberlake after working with him on their upcoming thriller Runner Runner.

18th July 2013

Fact: Jason Sudeikis, Paula Patton, Jon Hamm and Ben Affleck were among the Hollywood stars who helped hand out trophies to athletes at the annual Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (Espy) Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday (17Jul13).

11th July 2013

Fact: .Ben Affleck is reportedly in talks to lead the cast of David Fincher's movie adaptation of Gillian Flynn's bestseller Gone Girl. Flynn's tale revolves around a missing woman and her husband, who emerges as the prime suspect in her disappearance.

24th June 2013

Quote: "He's taking humility lessons. (It was) bad enough before, but now we're all trying to teach the guy how to be humble and affable, but we're finding it difficult." Casey Affleck jokes about how his actor/director brother Ben Affleck is dealing with his success after winning a Best Picture Oscar for his film Argo.

15th June 2013

Quote: "No, that's not going to happen. We're in a really good place... three is good, that's enough!" Ben Affleck insists he and his wife Jennifer Garner won't be having any more kids.

29th May 2013

Fact: Hollywood actor/director Ben Affleck is to be honoured at a film festival held by the University of California, Los Angeles' (UCLA) School of Theater, Film and Television. The Argo star will receive the Filmmaker of the Year prize during the event next month (Jun13).

3rd May 2013

Quote: "Ben was gonna be Tom and thankfully someone gave him a pile of money to do Argo, and made us both very happy." Actor Joel Edgerton is glad to have landed the chance to star as Tom Buchanan in new period drama The Great Gatsby after Ben Affleck pulled out so he could direct and star in Argo.

13th April 2013

Quote: "My family and I are moving to L.A. from New York this summer, which is a really big event for us. We've actually bought a house just down the street from Ben. We own a production company together, and we're going to rent some offices, and so yes, hopefully we'll be cooking things up together soon." Matt Damon is looking forward to being productive with his pal Ben Affleck after buying a home in the same area of California as his friend.

26th February 2013

Fact: Jennifer Lawrence and Ben Affleck have both treated themselves to post-Oscars makeovers - the Best Actress winner dyed her hair dark brown on Monday morning (25Feb13), while Affleck, whose thriller Argo was named Best Picture, shaved off his lucky beard.

30th January 2013

Quote: "It's a lock. I don't think (Ben Affleck) can be stopped. It's a great movie, he did a great job directing it, and there's a lot of good will for him. I think people like him. Really, why shouldn't he win?" Ben Affleck's brother Casey is convinced the actor/director's thriller Argo will win the Best Picture Oscar at the upcoming Academy Awards.

29th January 2013

Quote: "I thought Matt did an incredible job. Honestly, he could put Jimmy out of business. It was sort of cool to be on a night of 1,000 stars thing." Ben Affleck on pal Matt Damon's recent takeover of U.S. late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

25th January 2013

Quote: "You know what? You win some, you lose some. I think he's Ok... He's nominated for an Oscar for one of the best pictures of the year, that he directed and starred in. It's Ok!" Jennifer Lopez is confident her ex-fiance Ben Affleck is not too upset about missing out on an Oscar nod for Best Director after earning a Best Picture nomination for critically acclaimed Argo, which has already won him two Golden Globes.

23rd December 2012

Quote: "Well, one never knows... I have a great fondness and admiration for the political process in this country... but I'm not going to get into speculation about my political future." Actor/director Ben Affleck plays down speculation he is considering a future run for office in U.S. politics.

2nd December 2012

Quote: "Eventually, he could end up in politics. He's very smart and astute... but when your fallback career is being a world-class director, that's not so bad." George Clooney heaps praise on his pal Ben Affleck, who was named Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year earlier this week (beg26Nov12).

30th November 2012

Quote: "My wife is a very polite and kind woman. She and the kids did not like the beard, though. It had an exposed-wire vibe. It was hated in my home." Ben Affleck on the facial hair he grew for new movie Argo.

29th November 2012

Quote: "I've been through so many experiences where I'd go and watch some cut that was very long, and I would go to the director and say, 'Man, I'm in the movie, and I'm bored. So surely the audience is gonna (sic) be.'" Ben Affleck has no problems editing the films he directs because he instinctively knows when a scene isn't working.

27th November 2012

Quote: "We both decided that the ideal career to have was Robert Duvall's." Ben Affleck and his childhood pal Matt Damon both wanted to emulate The Godfather star when they were both starting out as child actors.

23rd November 2012

Quote: "The great tragedy of this Thanksgiving is that I will be called on to cook, yes. My wife's working, she's doing this movie with MCConaughey. And I'm gonna be buying - I don't know what... chickens? At the grocery store. Leaving it up to the kids. KFC Thanksgiving!" Ben Affleck planned to serve up a fast food feast on Thursday (22Nov12), as his actress wife Jennifer Garner has been busy shooting The Dallas Buyers Club with Matthew MCConaughey.

15th November 2012

Quote: "If I was GQ, I would print one of me, two of Channing (Tatum) and 3.9 million of this 'cos this is amazing." Gq Man of the Year Ben Affleck is floored by Rihanna's new Gq cover as Woman of the Year. The R&B superstar wears nothing but a leather jacket for the provocative shot.

14th November 2012

Quote: "He's a very good guy and an extremely sexy man. What else can you say?" GQ magazine's Man of the Year Ben Affleck congratulates People magazine's new Sexiest Man Alive Channing Tatum.

16th October 2012

Tweet: "Argo is by far the best movie I have seen in over a year... maybe 2 years... It is amazing! Everyone go see it!" Singer Jessica Simpson is a big fan of Ben Affleck's new movie, which chronicles the real-life Cia effort to rescue six Americans from Iran during the country's revolution, which began in 1979.

12th October 2012

Quote: "We see each other almost too often. I wonder if his wife is thinking, 'Is he really going to come over every night?'" Ben Affleck is still very close to pal Matt Damon.

9th October 2012

Quote: "They know that it's a way of peace and it's purely defensive and they would never use their powers to hurt others but if you tangle with them they'll rip your nuts off." Ben Affleck on his daughters' love for karate.

2nd October 2012

Quote: "I've just gotten to a place where it was hard to even imagine I would get to. I've got a teammate... It's too early on to get a sense of (his) personality, but it's very exciting. It's a pretty cool thing. (I am) very lucky." Actor Ben Affleck is delighted to be a father to baby son Samuel, who was born earlier this year (12). The star also has two daughters with his wife Jennifer Garner.

1st October 2012

Quote: "That's something... I'm gonna put that on the poster for Argo. That's like a pitch." Ben Affleck was left stunned when his actress wife Jennifer Garner called him a "wonder-sperm type of guy" in a recent Tv interview.

13th June 2012

Fact: Actor/director Ben Affleck has joined social networking website in a bid to raise awareness about the troubled Democratic Republic of Congo. The Hollywood star set up a page for the same purpose earlier this year (12) and now he's hoping to draw more attention to the poverty-stricken nation with the micro-blogging site. In his first tweet, he writes: "Timing feels right to bring awareness to what's happening in the Congo today & to share my stories from this part of the world."

13th December 2011

Quote: "I don’t know how or why it works as well as it does. Honestly, I would do anything for that man, because I know it’s not taken for granted." Pregnant actress Jennifer Garner on her marriage to Ben Affleck.

7th April 2011

Quote: "I think he's a great director, don't get me wrong. I just think I would rather be married to him." Actress Jennifer Garner fears she would clash with husband Ben Affleck if she agreed to star in one of his films.

7th April 2011

Fact: Hollywood star Ben Affleck will return to the Los Angeles home he shares with wife Jennifer Garner bearing a very expensive gift from his travels in Turkey after purchasing a $220,000 (£137,500) antique rug in Istanbul. The actor/director is currently scouting the area for filming locations for his next project.

26th February 2011

Fact: Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams are to play lovers in a top secret new TERRENCE MALLICK movie. The couple have already shot the untitled film, which also features Javier Bardem and Bond girl Olga Kurylenko.

8th February 2011

Quote: "I was 17 when my parents made me go out for dinner with a really bitter failed actor and listen to his experiences. It was a very difficult thing to go through. He had nothing but bad things to say about trying to be an actor and I thought, 'Well, I have to love it even if I don't have success at all. It has to really be that important to me and I have to want to do it that much.'" Ben Affleck's parents wanted him to know what could happen in showbiz when he was an aspiring actor.

21st January 2011

Quote: "We shot off semi-automatic machine guns for two weeks and one of the cops came up to me towards the end of the movie and he goes, 'You know what, we got one call'. MAChine guns go off for two weeks and one guy calls the cops." Ben Affleck was surprised his heist movie THE TOWN didn't cause more problems in Massachusetts.

17th January 2011

Fact: Stars toasted Sunday night's (16Jan11) Golden Globe nominees with tea on Saturday (15Jan11) at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts' (BAFTA) Tea Party. True Grit star Jeff Bridges, The Town's Ben Affleck and Rabbit Hole star Nicole Kidman were among those at the star-studded annual awards season luncheon at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons Hotel, hosted by BAFTA/LA Chairman Nigel Lythgoe.

6th October 2010

Quote: "As an actor I would love to be directed by him, but as a wife I do not want to be directed by him." Jennifer Garner is hesitant to collaborate with husband Ben Affleck for the big screen.

16th September 2010

Quote: "I get to be wrong three times a day. I just know what it's like to be a serf that just does things. When one of the vassals comes and points at something... I take order from people that cannot speak. And yet still they are higher up on the food chain than I am." Ben Affleck on taking orders from his wife Jennifer Garner and their young daughters.

16th September 2010

Quote: "When Blake Lively came in, she read the scenes for me so well, I asked her what part of Boston she was from." Ben Affleck was convinced the Californian actress was a fellow native of Boston, Massachusetts when she auditioned for his new bank heist movie THE TOWN because her accent was so good.

15th September 2010

Quote: "Well, I'm not the best person to ask. All I can say is, I think it's spectacular and says something really relevant about celebrity." Ben Affleck declines to comment on speculation his brother CASEY's documentary film I'M STILL HERE, about pal Joaquin Phoenix's bid to quit acting and become a rap star, is one big spoof.

19th August 2010

Fact: Ben Affleck has interviewed Blake Lively, the star of his new movie THE TOWN, for Interview magazine. The couple shot a sex scene on the set the day they met.

15th July 2010

Quote: "Turns out it's not that hard to rob a bank. It's getting away with it that's the hard part." Ben Affleck on researching his role as a bankrobber for THE TOWN.

1st July 2010

Fact: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary with a quiet low-key dinner at a restaurant in Venice, California on Tuesday night (29Jun10). The couple, who has two children, married on 29 June, 2005.

5th May 2010

Quote: "Would I see a movie of Ben's? Sure! Why not? I haven't seen him or talked to him in a while - our lives went in two very different directions. But I always wish him the best and I always thought he was a great person." Jennifer Lopez has no hard feelings towards her ex-fiance Ben Affleck.

30th March 2010

Fact: Brad Pitt and Leonardo Dicaprio originally wanted the roles Matt Damon and Ben Affleck played in Good Will Hunting.

8th March 2010

Fact: Hollywood couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have filmed a new TV commercial for U.S. late-night show JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE! in which they appear in bed with the host. Kimmel previously hit the headlines with Affleck when the odd couple teamed up for the musical skit I'm F**king Ben Affleck on the U.S. show.

30th December 2009

Quote: "Ben asks me, 'How come when I do an interview I manage to keep you out of it completely?' And I'm like, 'Either because you don't think about me or because boy magazines don't care about what I make you for dinner. But they should!'" Jennifer Garner is slightly annoyed husband Ben Affleck never references the actress in interviews.

9th December 2009

Quote: "I can live with Ben working crazy hours, but I can't live without girlfriends... It's fine if he's not there; I just need someone to b**ch about it to." Jennifer Garner relies on good friends to support her when husband Ben Affleck is working double time as a director and actor.

19th June 2009

Quote: “Ben is one of the most intelligent people on the planet. He will run for office and one day be President, and then we’ll smoke a joint in the Oval Office. He’s very well-spoken but he’s filthy!” Kevin Smith has high hopes for his pal Ben Affleck - despite his foul-mouth.

1st May 2009

Quote: "It's like having 10 kids. You have one and you think you have it all under control, and then you have another one and then it all just goes to hell in a handbasket." Jennifer Garner on juggling two young daughters, three-year-old VIOLET and three-month-old SERAPHINA, with husband Ben Affleck.

25th April 2009

Quote: "I feel most comfortable doing dramas. As for action movies, I don't really like them and I wouldn't really want to do action again." Actor Ben Affleck insists his days as a movie tough-guy are over.

16th April 2009

Quote: "I've personally experienced some dishonest reporting and scandal and rumour-mongering but I have real appreciation for how important good journalism is for this country - for all of us - and how much we need it, particularly right now." Actor Ben Affleck hasn't let his presence in the tabloids wreck his impression of the media as a whole.

3rd April 2009

Quote: "The best cure for a hangover is something one straight man can't do for another straight man." Ben Affleck reveals his cure for a boozy night out.

31st March 2009

Quote: "I am very lucky. I feel blessed to look around and see that I've got a healthy family and a job. Especially nowadays, you really feel very good." Actor and father-of-two Ben Affleck is thankful for his good fortune.

31st March 2009

Quote: "Caseys making a documentary about Joaquins segue from being an actor to being a musician... I think its going to be a pretty great documentary from what Ive seen so far." Ben Affleck insists his brother Casey's much-hyped new film is terrific.

16th January 2009

Quote: "I talk to them all the time. It's a wonderful time for them and I am so delighted to be with the children of people I love." ALIAS actor Victor Garber is excited to meet co-star Jennifer Garner and husband Ben Affleck's newborn baby SERAPHINA ROSE ELIZABETH, who was born earlier this month (06Jan09).

28th August 2008

Quote: "I've kind of been texting him back and forth, and he's doing great and (wife) Lucy is doing great." Ben Affleck has been checking up on new dad and best pal Matt Damon after the birth of his second child.

14th August 2008

Fact: The red suit worn by Ben Affleck in superhero movie DAREDEVIL has sold in an online auction for $60,000 (GBP30,000).

6th August 2008

Quote: "We'd love to, but I think people are still nervous of the Gigli course." Rebecca Romijn doesn't want to team up with actor husband JERRY O'CONNELL on the big screen after the critical and public savaging of former couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's 2003 film flop.

3rd July 2008

Fact: Hollywood stars including Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Don Cheadle gathered at the Rio Pavilion in Las Vegas on Wednesday (02Jul08) for a poker tournament benefitting victims of the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan. They handed out a $5,000 (GBP2,500) entrance fee to play in the no-limit Texas Hold'em tournament.

2nd June 2008

Quote: "JENNIFER (GARNER) is so up there, you keep thinking there has to be a dark side. One of the great things about Jennifer is she has no idea how beautiful she is. She's drop dead gorgeous. She's more than the girl next door, because she's va-va voom." Actor Ben Affleck is in awe of his actress wife's beauty.

6th May 2008

Quote: "I wasn't casting him because I was trying to do him a favour. If I'd wanted to do someone a favour there are a lot of other people in line before my brother." Ben Affleck explains his decision to cast his brother CASEY in his 2007 directorial debut GONE BABY GONE.

10th March 2008

Quote: "I've finally learnt how to say, 'no comment'. To appear in the tabloids is a real learning curve and a steep one at that. You had better learn quick or you get burnt." Ben Affleck has learned how to deal with media attention the hard way.

10th March 2008

Fact: Ben Affleck and his actress wife Jennifer Garner have splashed out on a colonial-style mansion in Bel Air, Los Angeles, worth over $22 million (GBP11 million). The impressive property boasts 12 bathrooms and seven bedrooms, with plenty of room for extension.

29th February 2008

Quote: "At one point we were going to take a bath together, but the bubbles couldn't get high enough, so that ended up getting scrapped." Ben Affleck on a proposed bath scene with U.S. TV host Jimmy Kimmel, filmed for the hilarious I'M F**KING BEN AFFLECK video.

27th February 2008

Quote: "Ben could not have been more sporting. He told us, 'Listen, if we're going to do this, we've got to do it right. I don't want you guys to worry about my image.'" American TV presenter Jimmy Kimmel praises Ben Affleck for taking part in his controversial video spoof I'M F**KING BEN AFFLECK.

23rd October 2007

Quote: "It's funny that the man is always applauded for it. It's like, 'You change diapers?' You'd better change diapers. We're not in the '50s, buddy!" Actress Jennifer Garner can't understand the praise her husband Ben Affleck receives for being a dad.

10th October 2007

Fact: Ben Affleck and Matt Damon were paid $30 (GBP15) each to play baseball game extras in beloved 1989 sports movie Field of Dreams.

7th October 2007

Quote: "I've seen it done enough. I've been on sets enough." Ben Affleck had no worries directing his first film.

2nd October 2007

Quote: "It's pretty simple. If people don't go see it - I'm f**ked." Ben Affleck worries about the upcoming release of his directorial debut GONE BABY GONE.

31st August 2007

Quote: "Is it because I have the flattest stomach in the world that people keep asking?" Jennifer Garner insists she isn't expecting her second child with husband Ben Affleck.

16th August 2007

Quote: "I feel lucky to direct the movie where he shows how good he is in a way no one has seen until now. Someone was bound to do it. I just got there first." Ben Affleck can't wait for audiences to see his upcoming directorial debut GONE BABY GONE - because it contains his brother Casey Affleck's best performance.

15th August 2007

Quote: "Ben has been trying to direct me my whole life, but this was the first time he actually gave me any half-decent direction." Casey Affleck describes working for his older brother, actor-turned-director Ben Affleck, on upcoming movie GONE BABY GONE.

9th March 2007

Fact: Former ALIAS star Jennifer Garner is taking a political science class online to help her keep up with politically active husband Ben Affleck.

26th January 2007

Quote: "You sit around with dudes, who are always, like, `I'd do her.' I know a guy who did her." Moviemaker Kevin Smith still can't believe Jennifer Garner is married to his pal Ben Affleck.

10th January 2007

Quote: "Honey, wake up, the diaper's full and you got nominated for a Golden Globe." Ben Affleck explaining how he found out he was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor award from wife Jennifer Garner and baby daughter VIOLET.

5th December 2006

Quote: "I made one zombie movie - Jersey Girl. That's it. No more dead pictures." Moviemaker Kevin Smith pokes fun at his 2004 film flop, which starred then-couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez.

29th November 2006

Quote: "It took four months of just eating chicken. Skinless, boring, chicken with no oil and half a baked potato and broccoli until you want to shoot yourself in the head, basically." Ben Affleck suffered while losing the weight he piled on to play former TV SUPERMAN GEORGE REEVES in HOLLYWOODLAND.

14th November 2006

Quote: "Never film yourself having sex. You think you'll look powerful and vital but you don't. You look like a sick, shivering polar bear." Hollywood actor Ben Affleck advises against making pornographic home movies.

4th October 2006

Fact: The Hollywood Film Festival has selected Ben Affleck to receive its Supporting Actor of the Year award. Affleck will receive the honour at the festival's award ceremony on 23 October (06) in Beverly Hills.

21st September 2006

Quote: "I'm not that good at it. I find the odour noxious." Ben Affleck admits he isn't that reliable when it comes to changing baby daughter VIOLET's diapers.

19th September 2006

Quote: "I didn't like my last movie very much and I like this one, so it's an improvement." Ben Affleck disliked flop film Surviving Christmas but is very encouraged by new movie HOLLYWOODLAND.

8th September 2006

Quote: "I didn't like my last one, Surviving Christmas, so that's an improvement." Hollywood actor Ben Affleck on new movie HOLLYWOODLAND.

5th September 2006

Fact: Ben Affleck watched 104 episodes of Superman - 52 in black and white and 52 in colour, to prepare for his role as SUPERMAN star George Reeves in the new film HOLLYWOODLAND.

24th August 2006

Quote: "Neither one of us knows that much about little girls. It's kind of learning on the job." Ben Affleck on how he and best friend Matt Damon have adjusted to having newborn daughters.

20th July 2006

Fact: Baseball-mad movie pals Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are producing a new internet TV show, FAN CLUB: REALITY BASEBALL, which gives sports devotees the chance to run a minor league team.

30th November 2005

Quote: <p>"I've quit smoking. I just carry around gum with me now... and I chew gum like crazy." Ben Affleck has quit his bad habit as he prepares to become a first-time dad. </p>

25th October 2005

Fact: <p>Newlyweds Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have taken part in a fundraising walk for Alzheimer's research charities. Garner's ALIAS co-star Victor Garber, who also took part in the Los Angeles charity stroll, lost his own mother to the disease last month (SEP05). </p>

19th October 2005

Fact: <p>French actor JEAN-PIERRE MICHAEL makes 10,000 Euros per picture for dubbing Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Jude Law and Ben Affleck's films into his native tongue. </p>

5th October 2005

Quote: <p>"We're done... No one saw it... I guess BEN and I will stick to the movie business." Matt Damon insists he and pal Ben Affleck won't be making any more episodes of reality TV show PROJECT GREENLIGHT after three poorly-rated series. </p>

4th October 2005

Fact: <p>Renee Zellweger cheered herself up after her recent marriage split from country star Kenny Chesney with a trip to the ball park. The actress joined pals Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck at Sunday's (02OCT05) Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees clash. </p>

4th October 2005

Quote: <p>"MATT had to become the ultimate ladykiller, Prince Charming, with absolute confidence and arrogance. He had to be Ben Affleck for a brief moment." Director Terry Gilliam on why he insisted his THE BROTHERS GRIMM star Matt Damon take yoga and tango lessons to perfect a swagger for his role as WILL GRIMM. </p>

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