Hilarious banter abounds from the returning Postal Service as they poked gentle fun at themselves in a Funny Or Die video that pondered what auditions for vocalist Ben Gibbard’s role in the band would have been like after the pair went on hiatus as other band Death Cab For A Cutie grew.

The video was directed by The Best Show On WFMU radio host Tom Scharpling and saw a whole host of stars step in an attempt to take on the role of singer for the dreamily atmospheric synth pop group. Cameos by Duff McKagan, Moby, Aimee Mann, Tom DeLonge, "Weird" Al Yankovic, and Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster all came and went during the video, which according to SPIN, lost a little of its zip at nine minutes long.

All of this is added promotion for the pair’s return after nine years away since playing live, with it being a full decade since their critically acclaimed US platinum album Give Up. The group never released an another album following that, though its legend has grown and grown in indie circles, to the extent where some might say Owl City shamelessly ripped off the pair’s soft breezy sound when they emerged onto the scene in 2010. The group have a glut of live shows scheduled for this year, including an American tour and an appearance at Coachella weekend next month.