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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Trailer

Following on from the discovery that New York Natural History Museum's exhibits come to life after dark, security guard Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is faced with a new problem. After confronting the curator, Dr. McPhee (Ricky Gervais), about the exhibits steadily losing consciousness, Daley and friends must travel to England to try to restore power to The Tablet of Ahkmenrah - the ancient artefact that grants life to the museum. In an adventure which spans the globe, Daley and company must meet up with new characters in an attempt to restore the magic before the figures lives end permanently. 

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Stonehearst Asylum Trailer

Stonehearst Asylum follows the plot of Edgar Allen Poe's short story The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether. It is a story about Edward Newgate (Jim Sturgess) - a medical school graduate in the 19th Century who travels to the titular Asylum to gain 'clinical experience'. It is here that Newgate meets Silas Lamb (Ben Kingsley) and Eliza Graves (Kate Beckinsale), the latter of which he becomes instantly infatuated with. Almost at once, things start to creepy as Edward encounters some of the inmates and realises that perhaps his new colleges are not entirely concerned with following regulations. As the plot thickens and Edward finds himself spiralling further down the rabbit hole, the questions seem pile up. Why does one of the inmates claim to be the asylum's superintendent? Why are the doctors so gleeful when using such barbaric 'treatments'? And why does the man in charge seem so adamant that 'we're all mad'?

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See Heavily Eye-Linered Christian Bale As Moses In Ridley Scott's 'Exodus: Gods And Kings' [Trailer & Pictures]

Ridley Scott Christian Bale Aaron Paul Joel Edgerton John Turturro Ben Kingsley Sigourney Weaver Steven Zaillian

Director Ridley Scott has dealt with some epic stories whether it's the might of the Roman Empire and the obsession with gladiators, slavering murderous aliens in space or legends of British folklore. But now the 76-year-old director is tackling the Bible and is adapting the story of Moses for the big screen in Exodus: Gods and Kings

Exodus: Gods and Kings
Joel Edgerton and Christian Bale star as Rhamses and Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings.

Read More: Christian Bale's Representative Dismisses True Detective Rumours.

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Exodus: Gods And Kings Trailer

Moses and the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses grew up together as brothers after the former was saved from drowing in the Nile. However, Moses has not forgotten the reason why he was cast into the river; all newborn Israelites were condemned to death by the past Pharaoh for fear of their growing numbers. Now he is enlisted by God to save the Israelites from their slavery at the hands of the Pharaoh's people, but to do so he must turn his back on his brother and friend. The Egyptians fight back as Moses defiantly leads the Israelites on an arduous journey across the desert, while God unleashes a series of horrific plagues and turns their Nile to blood. Egypt face new dangers as God decides that rules need to be laid down for Moses and his people.

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The Boxtrolls Trailer

The Boxtrolls are odd underground creatures that wear cardboard boxes as if they were shells. Shy and wary of the unforgiving world around them, they take to the streets at night to recycle rubbish from dustbins and store it in their homes below the streets of Cheesebridge; a town fixated with money and smelly cheese and who are less than welcoming to their sewer dwelling neighbours, who they believe to be enormous insidious menaces. That couldn't be further than the truth when it comes to the Boxtrolls; there is simply nothing menacing about them, so when they find themselves being pursued by a ruthless exterminator by the name of Archibald Snatcher, all they want to do is make sure they are well hidden. They have a protector, however, named Eggs - a young boy who the Boxtrolls adopted as a baby - and he's about to show them just how brave they can be in the face of danger.

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The Boxtrolls - Teaser Trailer

Eggs is a young orphaned boy who had possibly the most unusual upbringing one could ever think of; he was raised by a group of inhuman trash collectors called the Boxtrolls who live in a dingy by cosy underground cave. However, The Boxtrolls, named so because of the large cardboard boxes they wear on their torsos, find their rubbish filled paradise under huge threat when a ruthless exterminator by the name of Archibald Snatcher decides to wipe out these unusual creatures for good. Eggs must do everything within his power to stop him and save his friends (and family) from certain death.

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Sacha Baron Cohen's Hilarious Stunt Steals The Show At BAFTA-LA Britannia Awards

Sacha Baron Cohen Idris Elba Salma Hayek Rob Brydon George Clooney Sean Penn Julia Roberts Benedict Cumberbatch Ben Kingsley Meryl Streep Judd Apatow

Sacha Baron Cohen not only left the Beverly Hilton with the highest honour awarded for comedy by the BAFTA-LA ‘s annual Britannia Awards, but also left with the audience either still in shock or holding on to their sides with laughter following an inspired practical joke. Los Angeles' British alliance was out in force for the Saturday (9 Nov.) night ceremony, and there were even a few non-Brit Hollywood heavyweights doing their best to pretent to be from the other side of the Atlantic for the awards show.

Sacha Baron Cohen Isla Fisher Salma Hayek
Sacha Baron Cohen flanked by his wife Isla Fisher [R] and Salma Hayek [L]

Airing on BBC America on Sunday (10 Nov.) night, host Rob Brydon had the job of handling the more raucous than usual crowd, which had plenty to do with Cohen's stunt. It began when Salma Hayek came on stage with an elderly woman to present the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award For Excellence In Comedy award. Confined to a wheelchair, she was identified as Grace Collington, an actress she said appeared with Charlie Chaplin in 1931′s City Lights when she was just 5-years-old. She very believably told the audience, “At 87, she’s the oldest surviving actor to have worked with Chaplin in a silent movie,” at which point Cohen climbed to the stage to accept the honour. The elderly woman presented Cohen with one of Chaplin's trademark canes, at which point Cohen pushed her from the stage and began his acceptance speech as 'Collington' lied motionless on the ground.

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Is 'Ender's' Game Worth Your Money This Weekend? Let's Ask The Critics

Harrison Ford Asa Butterfield Ben Kingsley

Tomorrow’s a big day: The iPad Air is out, Halloween is done for another year, and Harrison Ford stars in the cinematic remake of Orsen Scott Card’s sci-fi epic, Ender’s Game.

Harrison Ford Ender's GameHarrison Ford in Ender's Game, scaring kids

The former will affect gadget freaks, people with money and Apple employees; Halloween ending affects us all – it just doesn’t really matter – but how will Ender’s Game’s release affect you: should you go and see it?

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Ender's Game Review

Very Good

Since this entire story centres on virtual-reality gaming, it's tricky to feel any sense of what's at stake here. But a strong cast and above-average effects work help hold our interest until the requisite dramatic shift takes hold. Along the way, the movie explores some punchy issues such as the nature of true leadership and the morality of war.

It's set in a distant future: Earth has regrouped after an alien invasion, turning to children to harness their quick gaming reflexes and inner fearlessness. Ender (Butterfield) is a 12-year-old who's sure he'll crash out of training like his older sister Valentine (Breslin). But Colonel Graff (Ford) and Major Anderson (Davis) see something in him and send him on to battle school in an orbiting space station. As he shows true leadership potential and a sharp mind for warfare, he's promoted even further, training with iconic hero Rackham (Kingsley) on one of the aliens' former planets. And as he approaches his final exam, there's the sense that the fate of Earth hangs in the balance.

Yes, everything Ender does throughout his training is game related, either with digitally created environments or in a weightless battle globe with other cadets. This adds huge possibilities for the script to grapple with moral issues as Ender faces some staggering decisions. But since it's just a simulation, does it really mean anything? Thankfully, Butterfield is a terrific actor who lends the character a steely interior life that catches our interest. And being surrounded by the terrific Ford, Kingsley and Davis helps. As do some intriguing fellow recruits played by Steinfeld, Arias and others.

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Film Legends Harrison Ford And Ben Kingsley Visit London School To Promote Learning Via Movies

Harrison Ford Ben Kingsley

As part of an initiative to encourage kids to both engage with and learn from cinema, Harrison Ford and Sir Ben Kingsley visited a London academy in West London.

Ben KingsleyBen Kingsley in Ender's Game

The kids that put their names down for this particular after-school club won’t have known the surprise they were in for. Stunned little faces stared back at Ford and Kingsley as they confidently took their seats, ready to impart a lifetime of knowledge and wisdom upon these impressionable youngsters.

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Harrison Ford Narrates 'Ender's Game' Final Trailer [Trailer]

Harrison Ford Asa Butterfield Ben Kingsley Viola Davis Abigail Breslin Moises Arias

The final trailer for Ender's Game has been released. Set in the future years after an alien-human war, the movie follows Ender Wiggin, a talent young boy who is sent to a military space academy in order to prepare for when aliens next invade Earth.

Asa ButterfieldAsa Butterfield at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con.

Ender's Game teaser trailer, released earlier this year, gave an indication of what can be expected from the film. The final trailer, however, features a dramatic narrative by Harrison Ford who promises the aliens "will be back". It's all very visually appealing in a Star Wars-Superman-Terminator way and with the melodramatic music, intense exchanges and wild landscapes: it certainly appears to be a film fans of science fiction will love. 

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Ender's Game Trailer

Ender Wiggin is the youngest in his family albeit with an astute mind and a powerful logic. It is seventy years since Earth was savagely attacked by the alien race the Formics, more commonly known as the Buggers, and he is exactly what the International Fleet are looking for as they scour their planet for a group of individuals powerful and clever enough to destroy their formidable foes once and for all. He is forced to leave his friends and family and join the Battle School in outer space, but his aptitude throughout all the challenges he is faced with has him upgraded by Colonel Graff to the prestigious Command School under the supervision of war hero Mazer Rackham. He is unaware, however, of just how much hope is being put on him to be Earth's saviour and his ability to make the right difficult decision leaves him with a sense of bitter self-loathing.

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Harrison Ford Fights Devastating Alien Race In Ender's Game [Trailer]

Harrison Ford Asa Butterfield Ben Kingsley

Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield come up against a terrifying alien race known as the Formics in new movie Ender's Game, from director Gavin Hood (X-Men Origins: Wolverine). A new trailer for the sci-fi move rolled out online on Tuesday afternoon (May 7, 2013), with  Butterfield participating in a Google+ hangout to coincide with the first look of the new movie, based on the novel by Orson Scott Card.

Set in a near future in which the alien race have attached the Earth, Ender's Game follows Andrew Wiggin (Butterfield) as a bright kid who's recruited to help humanity face future threats. He is guided in his growth by Colonel Hyrum Graff (Ford) and soon finds himself under the tutelage of the legendary Mazer Rackam, aka, The Top Dog (Ben Kingsley). 

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Ender's Game Trailer Gets Online Release (Video)

Harrison Ford Ben Kingsley

The upcoming sci-fi action release Ender's Game is a post-apocalyptic vision of a future Earth ravaged by alien warfare and a gifted child who is able to forewarn the remaining humans of an impending re-invasion, and today (May 7) we got to see the first trailer for the upcoming epic. The trailer was uploaded to production house Summit Entertainment's YouTube page just hours ago and promises everything you could want from a sci-fi romp.

The film stars Harrison Ford (promise of everything you could want fulfilled) and Ben Kingsley in the adaptation of Orson Scott Card's novel of the same name. Like the book, the film is set in Earth's future, where the few remaining humans left over from two separate wars with a insect-like alien species known as 'Buggers.' These war-ravaged humans must prepare themselves for impending future warfare with the help of the story's main character. This is a gifted child named Ender Wiggin (Asa Butterfield) who sent to an advanced military school where his fantastic intellect is revealed and used to the human's much needed advantage.

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Iron Man 3 Review


Changing the writer and director for this third Iron Man movie turns out to be the best thing that could have happened, because Shane Black is a much more focussed filmmaker, and he gives this franchise a badly needed kick. We know that he and Downey work well together (see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang), but we could never have anticipated how Black would bring clarity to Downey's comical riffs. He also makes the action scenes much more human, and therefore a lot more thrilling.

The story takes place in the overall Marvel chronology. Wealthy arms manufacturer Tony Stark (Downey) is feeling badly shaken by his experience working with the Avengers to fight off an alien invasion. So he dives into his work and neglects his relationship with Pepper (Paltrow), who also runs his company. Then two faces from the past reappear: bio-scientist Maya (Hall) is an old colleague of Tony's, while technical genius Aldrich (Pearce) has a past with Pepper. And both seem somehow connected to a wave of nasty bombings that is terrorising America, masterminded by a menacing man who calls himself the Mandarin (Kingsley). And the Mandarin's next target is Tony.

Intriguingly, the script keeps Tony out of the Iron Man suit for much of the film's running time, which makes his character feel much more grounded than ever before. It also makes the action set pieces even more spectacular, since they're not mere robot-vs-robot animated battles. So even if the dialog is peppered with technical gibberish, at least it has a personal dimension. Which not only deepens Tony and Pepper as characters, but makes the surrounding people more interesting. These include Tony's old pal (Cheadle), two self-healing goons (Dale and Szostak) and a pre-teen (Simpkins) who helps Tony. And with his constantly surprising character, Kingsley very nearly steals the show.

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Gwyneth Paltrow Is Most Beautiful Woman – Beyonce Isn’t Even On The List!

Gwyneth Paltrow Ben Kingsley

Not only did Gwynteth Paltrow beat Beyoncé this year for People Magazine’s Most Beautiful woman, but last year’s winner wasn’t even on the list! Anyway, according to Paltrow, it’s not even true.

Check out Paltrow in the Iron Man 3 Alternative Trailer!

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Sir Ben Kingsley - Video Interview

Video Interview with Sir Ben Kingsley

Sir Ben Kingsley talks about his character The Mandarin and taking on the role in the new Marvel movie 'Iron Man 3' in a press junket interview.

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Iron Man 3 - Alternate Trailer

Tony Stark may have the woman of his dreams, the technological skills of a genius and the ability to save the world from the occasional threatening force, but he's starting to realise that he's not entirely invincible. Unable to sleep and distracted by feelings of guilt, he is forced to reassess his ability to defend himself and his people as his formidable adversary Mandarin threatens to dismantle his life piece by piece. As he watches his life's work burn before his eyes, he is left only with his inner strength and resourcefulness to have a chance at destroying Mandarin once and for all. For the first time, Stark is feeling very vulnerable as he struggles to come to terms with himself as just Tony Stark rather than the supposedly indestructible Iron Man.

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Iron Man 3 Trailer

Tony Stark may be Iron Man, but he's feeling less than unbreakable these days. Plagued by nightmares and guilty feelings, he is forced to doubt himself and his ability to protect himself and the ones he loves against a new enemy; the formidably ruthless Mandarin. His doubts are only amplified when his world and his power source are brutally snatched from him and left to burn at the hands of his enemy and he is left with his own internal strengths and resourcefulness alone to find the perpetrator and end his reign of terror. Stark is finally made to confront himself and his superhero identity as Mandarin sets out to prove there are no real heroes in the world.

The third instalment of this Marvel adventure, 'Iron Man 3' is set to be the most hard-hitting of the movies so far with questions being raised less about Iron Man and more about the true Tony Stark and his deeper abilities. It has been directed by Shane Black (the writer of the 'Lethal Weapon' film series) who also co-wrote the comic action flick with Drew Pearce ('Lip Service', 'No Heroics'). It is set for a spectacular release in cinemas on April 26th 2013 in the UK.

Starring: Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Stephanie Szostak, James Badge Dale, Jon Favreau, Ben Kingsley, Paul Bettany, William Sadler, Stan Lee, Yvonne Zima, Dale Dickey, Ashley Hamilton, Ty Simpkins, Spencer Garrett,

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The Dictator Review

Very Good
This may look like a wildly irreverent satire about a North African despot, but it doesn't take long to realise that the filmmakers' target is somewhere else.

And the biting script never pulls its punches, leaping us laughing at the audacity while making a serious point.

Aladeen (Baron Cohen) is the pampered dictator of Wadiya, who travels to New York to tell the UN to stop nosing around his nuclear "energy" plants. But his Uncle Tamir (Kingsley) is plotting to kill him and replace him with a double who will sign a democratic constitution essentially selling the country to oil companies. Aladeen manages to escape, but no one recognises him cleanly shaven, so he teams up with health-food activist Zoey (Faris) and a countryman (Mantzoukas) to get his country back.

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The Dictator Trailer

General Aladeen is the ruler of a country called Wadiya. However, he is not a fair ruler, he is a dictator and his reign over Wadiya becomes cause for concern for the United Nations, who holds a meeting to discuss the future of the country. General Aladeen is told to attend, so he travels to America, determined not to introduce democracy into his country. While in America, he also wanders around in New York and ends up in bed with a shocked Megan Fox.

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Hugo Review


Based on the Brian Selznick novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Scorsese's first family movie combines a young boy's adventure with a cinematic history lesson. It's a celebration of wide-eyed wonder that's a joy to watch, although the title isn't the only thing that's dumbed-down.

In early 1930s Paris, the orphaned Hugo (Butterfield) lives in Montparnasse station, where he scurries through forgotten passageways maintaining the clocks. He learned this skill from his late father (Law), but an automaton they were fixing is his only reminder of his happier childhood. Dodging the tenacious station inspector (Baron Cohen), Hugo worms his way into the life of grouchy shopkeeper Georges (Kingsley), and has a series of adventures with his goddaughter Isabelle (Moretz). When they learn that Georges is forgotten pioneer filmmaker Georges Melies, they decide to help bring him back to life.

Scorsese tells this story with bravura moviemaking trickery, from whooshing tracking shots to wonderfully inventive uses of 3D. He also peppers the screen with witty references to film history from Modern Times to Vertigo, clips from early cinema and flashbacks to the Lumiere brothers' exhibition and Melies' busy studio. Meanwhile, the main plot unfolds with a warmly inviting glow, sharply telling details and a colourful cast of memorable side characters.
Intriguingly, everyone is a bit opaque; like the automaton, the gears turn but we never really understand them.

Butterfield's Hugo may be consumed by an inner yearning, but he's always on guard, providing a watchful pair of eyes through which we see the drama, romance and slapstick of the station. And it's in these details that Scorsese and his cast draw us in. Standouts are Baron Cohen, who adds layers of comedy and pathos to every scene, and McCrory (as Mrs Melies), with her barely suppressed enthusiasm. As usual, Kingsley never lets his guard down: he invests this broken man with a bit too much dignity.

As the film progresses, the passion for the movies is infectious. Scorsese's gorgeous visual approach and writer Logan's controlled cleverness never overwhelm the human story. And even if Melies' life and Paris' geography are adjusted for no real reason, the film's warm drama and delightful imagery really get under the skin, making us fall in love with the movies all over again.

Shutter Island Review

Essentially a B-movie thriller with an A-list cast and production values (and an epic's running time), this film is almost ludicrously well-made. Scorsese is clearly having fun rattling our nerves, and he does it very well.

In 1954 Boston, Ted (DiCaprio) is a US Marshal heading with his new partner Chuck (Ruffalo) to the Shutter Island hospital for the criminally insane. A patient (Mortimer) has mysteriously disappeared, and the head doctor (Kingsley) is acting suspicious. So is everyone else for that matter. As Ted delves deeper into the mystery, which hints at a big conspiracy, he struggles with the implications these events have for his own life, including the death of his wife (Williams) and his experiences liberating Dachau at the end of the war.

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A Sound Of Thunder Review

The best thing that can be said for the embarrassing A Sound of Thunder is that at least it presupposes an audience whose belief in evolution is ironclad, sadly a minor triumph in these increasingly Scopes monkey trial-like times.

Adapted with sub-simian grace from the iconic Ray Bradbury story, the film puts us in the year 2055, where a Chicago firm called Time Safari takes wealthy, bored men back in time and hunt dinosaurs. The trick here is that Bradbury - prefiguring all the great time travel paradox stories and films to follow - realized one couldn't just do this without creating massive complications further down the time pipeline. So Time Safari has its hunters walk through the 65-million-year-old jungle on a pathway suspended above the ground, with the strict dictum not to touch anything, never step off the path and not to bring even the most microscopic thing back with them. And the dinosaur that they "hunt" (over and over again) has been selected for the fact that it's going to die anyway, bare seconds after the safari team shoots it. Thusly the time continuum remains unchanged and everybody's happy.

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Sexy Beast Review

No, it's not a porno movie. It's yet another British crime caper film. And frankly, we'd rather have the porn.

Gal (Ray Winstone), an old time ex convict, is now retired. All he does is sweat by the pool, enjoy his form porn star wife Deedee (Amanda Redman), and share drinks with a couple of good friends. The setting is Spain, the sun is hot, and life is free of trouble... until, of course, one day when the peace must be disturbed -- and it is, by a guy named Don Logan. Presumably the titular sexy beast, Don (Ben Kingsley) appears on the scene and hell breaks loose as Gal gets back into his life of crime.

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Suspect Zero Review

I suspect that zero is moderately close to the number of viewers who will be impressed with Suspect Zero. Another by-the-book serial killer thriller that uses David Fincher's Seven as its guide, Zero takes a clever premise and buries it beneath layers of substandard detective clichés and crude camera tricks meant to deceive us. It's so desperate to keep us in the dark for as long as physically possible that it finally begins to lose its own way.

The mouse in this stock cat and mouse game is disgraced FBI agent Thomas Mackelway (Aaron Eckhart), a dedicated G-man with a high-profile blemish on his service record. His grievous error on a previous case earned him a demotion to the Bureau's dead-end Albuquerque office, though it's not long before Mackelway's hot on the trail of another cold-blooded killer. This wandering murderer (Ben Kingsley) exhibits no motive and establishes no pattern to his killings, but enjoys faxing Mackelway clues to drag the investigator deeper into a series of perplexing mind games.

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Sneakers Review

A delirious guilty pleasure, Sneakers is about as probable as me parting the Red Sea -- and just as fun. I mean, can you imagine: Redford, Poitier, Strathairn, Aykroyd, Phoenix, McDonnell, Kingsley -- all in one film? You'd expect at least six Oscars just on names alone. No such luck here, but this latter-day WarGames is an all-out riot.

Triumph Of Love Review

The moral of love: Be manipulative and conniving to get the man (or woman) you want, even if a few other folks get their hopes crushed along the way. That's what's certain after watching Clare Peploe's depressing fairytale/restoration comedy Triumph of Love (based on a superficial Marivaux play originally performed in 1732). That's not the filmmaker's intention, though. She's clearly going for whimsy, light romance, and slapstick cuckolding. What her film lacks is a heart and a conscience.

Mira Sorvino plays a princess who dresses up as a dandified male student to infiltrate the summertime estate of a misogynistic philosopher (Ben Kingsley). Under the old man's tutelage, a dashing prince (Jay Rodan) has been instructed to distrust the female sex. So clever Sorvino attires herself as a man to earn his friendship, trust, and above all, love.

Continue reading: Triumph Of Love Review

Death And The Maiden Review

Sigourney Weaver and Ben Kingsley are together in Roman Polanski's new film, Death and the Maiden, a haunting and powerful work of genius. Based on the acclaimed stage play, the story goes that Weaver is the wife of rich South American lawyer/politician Gerardo Escobar (played by Stuart Wilson), and they live alone in the wilderness of this unnamed country. One day, Dr. Miranda (Kingsley) shows up at the house after helping Escobar with a flat tire, and he comes in for a drink.

Paulina (Weaver) begins to inexplicably break down after his arrival, going so far as to sneak out of the house and destroy Miranda's car. Only when she returns do we discover the shocking reason for this insanity. Paulina suspects Miranda was the doctor who tortured and raped her 15 years earlier: the doctor, she says, who played the Schubert composition "Death and the Maiden" while he applied his evil ministrations. Paulina then turns the tables, tying Miranda up, beating him, and holding an impromptu trial to get his confession to the deeds.

Continue reading: Death And The Maiden Review

Oliver Twist Review

At the end of a good year, I will have read three books. This has nothing to do with any sort of laziness or lack of literary enjoyment; this is simply my quota. When I do read, however, I tend to try to read what one would consider modern classics. On this reasoning, I've read a scant number of what most people consider "classic" novels. However, of the few I have read, one of them happens to be Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist. So, I am coming into Roman Polanski's Oliver Twist locked and loaded with the book and David Lean's wonderful 1948 version on my mind.

Let's get the story out of the way for those few who haven't heard it. Sweet, young Oliver Twist (Barney Clark) is cast out of his orphanage when he is picked to ask the cook for more porridge and is sent to work for a kind casket maker who is controlled by his wife. He escapes to London where he makes friends with a charming thief nicknamed The Artful Dodger (Harry Eden). As it happens, Dodger is part of a gang of thieving youths who work for the persuasive Fagin (Sir Ben Kingsley), a decrepit old man with too much hair and too few teeth. The storm really swells when Twist tries to go straight with a rich book collector named Mr. Brownlow (Edward Hardwicke) and gets on the bad side of a few of Fagin's friends and partners. The most nefarious of the partners is Billy Sykes (Jamie Foreman), a terribly mean thief who is followed around by an ugly dog named Bullseye. This all leads to a plot between Sykes and Fagin to kill poor little Oliver, but that proves to be pretty difficult.

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