Sir Ben Kingsley claims riding horses was the most challenging aspect of making 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time'.

The British actor - who played Uncle Nizam in the film alongside Gemma Arterton and Jake Gyllenhaal - revealed that he gets "nervous" around horses.

He explained: "Horses make me very nervous. It's not that I don't really like horses but rather they don't like me.

"I did have to do some riding and then I was in a full suit of black armour - and then it decided to be 120 degrees. It was awful."

Kingsley adds he loved the character, but is not at all like Uncle Nizam.

He stated: "My character, Uncle Nizam, isn't a baddie. This was a man driven by envy and regret. He was a normal chap and when envy started to eat away at him, he turned bad. With that richness of character in mind, I was on that knife-edge of being good and bad, which I love.

"I'm not Uncle Nizam, eaten up with envy and regret. I'm a happy man, and maybe it's because I let things pass."

The Oscar-winning actor also claims stays away from movies if he does not like the director.

He told the Hollywood Reporter: "I avoid working with directors who are bullies and patronising and really don't understand the process of creation in front of the camera. I wouldn't work in a film that I felt wasn't a bridge builder."