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Ben Stiller And Vince Vaughn Reunite For (Very) Brief Charity 'Dodgeball' Sequel

Ben Stiller Vince Vaughn

Recent years in cinema have been plagued by a spate of ill-advised re-makes of classic noughties comedies. Seriously, nobody would wish a screening of the appalling sequels to Anchorman or Zoolander on their worst enemy.

However, the team behind the 2004 comedy Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story have come up with a rather better idea that doesn't necessitate a full-length sequel, with its stars Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn coming together to reprise their characters for a short and sweet video clip for a charity initiative launched by Omaze on Wednesday (June 14th).

The four-minute clip sees Peter LaFleur (Vaughn) and the annoying White Goodman (Stiller) offering a select few lucky fans the chance to actually play dodgeball with them. Entrants can sign up either for Vaughn’s Average Joe’s team, or for Stiller’s Globo-Gym outfit.

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'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' And 'Zoolander 2' Dominate Razzie Nominations

Ben Affleck Ben Stiller Henry Cavill

The nominees for the 37th annual Golden Raspberry Awards, aka the Razzies, have been revealed and according to organisers 2016 was so bad for movies there’s more contenders than ever.

Leading the pack with nine nominations is Zoolander 2, described as a "15-years-too-late sequel”, which is up for nine awards, followed by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, a "WTF comic-book battle royale,” which has eight nods.

Zoolander 2Zoolander 2 leads the 2016 Razzie nominations

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Ben Stiller Reveals Secret Battle With Prostate Cancer

Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller has revealed in a candid new interview that he was diagnosed with “immediately aggressive” prostate cancer two years ago, at the age of 48.

The actor, speaking on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show on Tuesday (October 4th), went public with his secret battle for the first time.

“It came out of the blue for me,” Stiller, now 50 year old, said. “I had no idea. At first, I didn't know what was gonna happen. I was scared. It just stopped everything in your life because you can't plan for a movie because you don't know what's gonna happen.”

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Stiller And Wilson Enjoyed Finding The Old Groove In Zoolander 2

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson

So why did it take so long for Ben Stiller to return to one of his most beloved, iconic characters? "We probably would have made a sequel the year after the movie came out," he says, "but nobody came to see the first one in the theatre really, so no one wanted it."

Penelope Cruz joins Wilson and Stiller in Zoolander 2

Of course, the film is considered a cult classic around the world. So the time finally seemed right for the actors to revisit the characters. "Comedies don't always translate cross-culturally," says Owen Wilson, who plays Derek Zoolander's fellow supermodel Hansel. "But the characters of Derek and Hansel have a level of ridiculousness I think people appreciate. And a kind of following developed. I noticed when I was travelling that there were a lot of people who came up to me quoting Zoolander."

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Zoolander 2 Review


With virtually the same blend of wit and idiocy as the 2001 original, this fashion-scene comedy is funny enough to spark some solid laughter in between the gags that fall flat. The punchlines are simple and the characters paper thin, but this world is so ripe for parody that the rather awkward mix of in-jokes and satire can't help but hit the bullseye every now and then.

Things haven't been great for top supermodel Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) over the past 15 years. His reading school collapsed in tragedy, sending him to live as a "hermit crab" in the wilds of northern New Jersey. And with a facial injury, his cohort Hansel (Owen Wilson) has retired in the wasteland of Malibu. Then Italian designer Atoz (Kristen Wiig) summons them to Rome, just as Interpol agent Valentina (Penelope Cruz) is investigating a series of popstar murders that seem linked to Derek's past. Teaming up with Valentina, Derek and Hansel track down their old nemesis Mugatu (Will Ferrell), reconnect with Derek's long-lost son (Cyrus Arnold) and discover a sinister conspiracy.

Stiller directs the film as if it's the next instalment in the Da Vinci Code saga, complete with shadowy secret rituals and ominous chase sequences. But the dialogue remains utterly ludicrous, as this "ridiculously good-looking" duo go through their individual existential crises, clueless that the world has moved on without them. Stiller and Wilson reprise the hang-dog charm that made the characters so likeable the first time round. Although this time Derek gets some emotional depth, while Hansel plays the action hero. Ferrell and Wiig camp it up to the rafters in their colourful roles, while Cruz vamps through the film in bombshell love-interest mode. Her deadpan performance might actually be the funniest thing in the movie. And each scene is packed with big-star cameos, some of which are genuinely amusing.

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Zoolander 2's Stupid Humour Has Left Critics Unenthusiastic

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson

One sequel that has apparently divided critics this month is the long awaited 'Zoolander 2'; apparently not worth the wait as the ridiculous jokes have either been brutally slammed by reviewers, or wholeheartedly accepted as deliberately stupid. Either way, no-one's raving too much about the return of Derek and Hansel.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Zoolander 2Critics not laughing so much at Zoolander 2

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's return for this sequel fifteen years after the first movie, in which their male model characters attempt to save the world while saving face at the same time in the ruthless fashion industry. And while the original movie was praised for its silliness, 'Zoolander 2' doesn't seem to have had the same effect on many critics.

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Ben Stiller Addresses Female Viagra In Parody Super Bowl Commercial

Ben Stiller

As usual, the weekend's Super Bowl featured some hilarious commercials from a range of celebrities including Amy Schumer, Liam Neeson, Christopher Walken and Kevin Hart. But also it seems a lot of ads didn't make the cut, and Ben Stiller revealed on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' that he featured in one of those ads. And it's just as, if not more, funny.

Ben StillerBen Stiller mocks Super Bowl commercials

Okay, so it wasn't a real commercial, but for all its ridiculousness, it could've been (seen the Doritos ad, anybody?). He decided to shoot a spoof ad for Female Viagra which he unveiled on 'The Tonight Show' on Monday (February 8th 2016), after explaining to Fallon that the Super Bowl pulled his video before it could be shown.

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Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Turn Up As 'Zoolander' Characters On 'SNL'

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Saturday Night Live

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson made a surprise appearance on ‘Saturday Night Live’ as their dim-witted characters from the Zoolander sequel, and gave their unique insights into the pressing political issues of the day.

The pair have reprised their roles as Derek Zoolander (Stiller) and Hansel (Wilson) for the long-awaited follow-up to the much loved 2001 original, which comes out on February 12th, and they came in character to visit the ‘SNL’ segment Weekend Update with Colin Jost and Michael Che on Saturday (February 6th), getting huge cheers as they made their way onstage.

However, their commentary on the presidential nomination races didn’t extend to much more than the candidates’ fashion senses, as they were asked about Ted Cruz, Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton and, of course, Donald Trump.

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Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Strike A Pose At 'Zoolander No 2' Premiere

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Will Ferrell Penelope Cruz

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson brought fun, fashion and laughs to London last night, for the premiere of Zoolander No.2 in the capital’s Leicester Square. They were joined by co-stars Christine Taylor, Penelope Cruz and Will Ferrell, who all walked the special ‘blue carpet’ in honour of Derek Zoolander’s infamous ‘blue steel’ pose.

Ben Stiller and Owen WilsonBen Stiller and Owen Wilson at the Zoolander No. 2 premiere.

But before the screening got underway, Ben Stiller managed to break a world record for the longest selfie stick, after taking a huge selfie on the blue carpet. Stiller’s special stick measured a massive 28 feet.

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Ben Stiller Live Tweets His Experience Watching First 'Zoolander' Movie

Ben Stiller

With less than a fortnight to go until Zoolander 2 hits the big screen, its star Ben Stiller decided to get nostalgic and live tweet the original movie from 2001, in the process revealing quite a few interesting facts about its production and filming.

The 50 year old actor, who reprises his famous role as the “ridiculously good looking” model Derek Zoolander in the sequel out on February 12th, watched the 15 year old original on Sunday night (January 31st), tweeting fans as he did so.

Ben StillerBen Stiller live-tweeted his experience watching the original 'Zoolander'

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Blue Steel Hits The Big Time: Derek Zoolander Lands First Vogue Cover

Ben Stiller Penelope Cruz Owen Wilson

Derek Zoolander is the cover star for February’s issue of Vogue, alongside Penelope Cruz. With Zoolander 2 hitting cinemas on February 12th it’s about time the ridiculously good-looking male model landed on the cover of the world’s biggest style magazine and inside actor Ben Stiller spills on getting some of fashion’s biggest names onboard for the comedy.

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10 Most Anticipated Films Of 2016

Kurt Russell Samuel L Jackson George Clooney Coen Brothers Matt Damon Pixar Steven Spielberg Jennifer Saunders Batman Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Eddie Redmayne Star Wars Felicity Jones

As always, there are far too many sequels, spin-offs, remakes and reboots clogging the cinemas, but surely some will be worth the effort. (Release dates are subject to change.)

The Hateful Eight, Hail, Caesar!, Bourne 5

10. The Hateful Eight
Tarantino kicks off the year with an epic Western starring Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell (Jan). And there's more manly action with Charlie Hunnam in Knights of the Round Table: King Arthur (Jul), Jack Huston in Ben-Hur (Aug), Chris Pratt in The Magnificent Seven (Sep). 

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'Zoolander 2' Co-Writer Justin Theroux Responds To Criticism Over Benedict Cumberbatch's Character

Justin Theroux Benedict Cumberbatch Ben Stiller Owen Wilson

Zoolander 2 co-writer Justin Theroux has the defend the film against critics who have called for it to be boycotted over Benedict Cumberbatch’s character. Cumberbatch’s character Ali was accused by some of being ‘transphobic’ when the film’s trailer hit last month and an online petition was launched calling for a boycott of the film.

Justin Theroux Zoolander 2 co-writer Justin Theroux

Speaking to The Wrap about the petition, which has so far received over 21,000 signatures, Theroux said: “I don’t even know what to make of it, because it hurts my feelings in a way. I take great care in the jokes I write, and the umbrage being taken is out of the context of the scene.”

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'Zoolander 2' Breaks Record For Most Watched Comedy Trailer

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Penelope Cruz Will Ferrell Justin Bieber Benedict Cumberbatch

Zoolander 2 is still months away from hitting cinemas, but it’s already broken a record thanks to its trailer. The comedy, starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, is released on February 2nd, but fans have been viewing its trailer so much that its made the record books.

Zoolander 2Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller and Penelope Cruz in Zoolander 2.

According to studio Paramount, the Zoolander 2 trailer is now “the most successful comedy trailer launch of all time”, having been viewed over 52.2 million times. The two-and-a-half minute clip was released on November 18th and even including a glimpse of Justin Bieber, who will cameo in the film.

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Petition Calls For Boycott Of 'Zoolander 2' Over 'Harmful' Trans Character

Benedict Cumberbatch Ben Stiller Owen Wilson

Just days after its first trailer hit, the upcoming Zoolander sequel has come under fire due to Benedict Cumberbatch’s character. Cumberbatch plays an androgynous model named Ali in the film, but some LGBT activists have labelled the portrayal ‘a 'cartoonish mockery' of transgender, androgyne and non-binary individuals’.

Benedict Cumberbatch in Zoolander 2Benedict Cumberbatch’s Zoolander 2 character is the subject of an online petition to boycott the movie.

The petition was started on by Sarah Rose, has has so far received over 7,500 signatures. It reads: ‘In the Zoolander 2 trailer, an androgynous character played by Benedict Cumberbatch is asked by Zoolander and Hansel if he is a ‘male or female model’, and if they ‘have a hot dog or a bun’.’

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Zoolander 2 - Trailer Trailer

Derek, Hansel and some other familiar faces are back in Zoolander 2! After offering their services to 'The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too' Derek and Hansel find themselves pining for a time when they were the biggest names in fashion. Only a few years might've past but the fashion industry is a very different place and one that's left them FAR behind.

When an Interpol agent finds a unique pattern to a series of deaths - some of the world's most beautiful people - she knows that Derek Zoolander is the only one who can help catch the killer. Pop stars including Demi Lovato and Lenny Kravitz have all been found dead with a certain look alluding to Blue Steel on their face.

Zoolander 2 is the follow up to the 2001 film and it once again sees Stiller team up with Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell. The film was written by Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux and will be released in cinemas from February 2016.

Ben Stiller And Owen Wilson Snap Selfies In 'Zoolander 2' [Posters]

Ben Stiller Owen Wilson

'Zoolander' returns next year (finally, we've waited long enough) and it seems Hansel and Derek have updated with the times and adopted the selfie craze that we all know and love in the brand new poster for the upcoming 'Zoolander 2'. So you can stop worrying about your all-important ambi-turn.

Ben Stiller in Zoolander 2 trailer'Zoolander 2' is coming in 2016

Modelling is a serious business, so naturally your posing has to be on point at all times - even if it's yourself taking the picture. At least, that's the philosophy of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's characters, who both gave a furrowed brow, duck-face pout to their smart phones in one of the new posters. Their dress sense is as outlandish as ever, Ben in a black sequined jacket and Owen - sporting an on trend curly bob - in a white fur number. 

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Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb Cast Pays Tribute To "Integral" Robin Williams

Robin Williams Ben Stiller

The cast of Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb has paid tribute to cast member Robin Williams who died earlier this year. Speaking to People Magazine, the film’s stars celebrated the life and performance of their late co-star whose suicide in August devastated Hollywood.

Night at the Museum Robin Williams and the cast of Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb

In what would be one of his final film appearances Williams reprised his role of President Theodore Roosevelt in the third instalment of the comedy franchise.

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A Week In Movies: Sony Gives In To Hackers, Night At The Museum 3 Holds Dual Premieres, Spectre Shoots In London And Trailers Promise Action And Romance This Spring

James Franco Seth Rogen Ben Stiller Owen Wilson Ricky Gervais Daniel Craig Sean Penn Shailene Woodley Carey Mulligan

The Interview

The big movie news this week has been Sony's decision to cancel the release of the James Franco/Seth Rogen comedy The Interview due to threats made by a hacking group. The film had already held its Los Angeles premiere, attended by Franco and Rogen, costar Diana Bang and cowriter-director Evan Goldberg, who were photographed on the red carpet. But the New York premiere was cancelled, as was all press and any plans for a theatrical or home video release.

Photos - Los Angeles Premiere Of 'The Interview'

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While We're Young Trailer

Josh (Ben Stiller) and Cornelia (Naomi Watts) are a middle-aged married couple struggling to keep up with their quickly ageing bodies and still feeling like they're in their twenties. They're tired of pretending to be grown up and the thought of having children becomes an evermore difficult decision. Filmmaker Josh soon meets a 25-year-old couple named Darby (Amanda Seyfried) and Jamie (Adam Driver); a couple that still have their whole lives ahead of them and bathe Josh and Cornelia in a comforting wave of nostalgia. Cornelia has reservations about spending their time with people so much younger than them, but it soon becomes clear that their presence has given Josh a new lease of life and made them realise that they don't have act the age they're expected to act, and they are free to let go to; that is, at least, until Josh is diagnosed with arthritis.

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Night At The Museum: Secret Of The Tomb - International Trailer

Larry Daley, the former security guard at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, is facing his biggest challenge yet. While he's used his exhibit friends coming to life at night, they are normally very well-behaved during the new sunset opening hours, but it seems something's started making them a little crazy. The magic of The Tablet of Ahkmenrah seems to be waning, putting them at risk of being still forever. Larry must find a way to restore the tablet before it's too late, and so he decides to venture to the Natural History Museum in London to find out how to fix it. There, Larry and his ancient friends face enormous snakes, dinosaur skeletons and bronze lions that are all coming to life, as well as the feisty head of security Tilly.

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The Final Projects Of Robin Williams

Robin Williams Ben Stiller Bob Odenkirk Simon Pegg

The death of acting legend and comedic master, Robin Williams, has prompted many tributes from colleagues, friends, family and fans to pour in from around the world as people come to terms with the loss of an icon. The 63-year-old versatile star of such classics as Mrs Doubtfire and Good Will Hunting was found dead at his home on Monday 11 August in what has now been confirmed as suicide by asphyxiation.

Robin Williams
Robin Williams was 63 when he took her own life

His untimely death has left many devastated that they will no longer be able to frequently witness his talent with the potential for a Mrs Doubtfire sequel now unlikely to come to fruition. There are, however, four films as yet unreleased in which Williams stars and will be seen on screen.

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Mickey Rooney Dies Aged 93: Remembering The Child Star And Screen Legend

Mickey Rooney Ben Stiller

Mickey Rooney, star of the big screen for 88 years, has passed away aged 93 after a long illness, according to Variety. He died on Sunday in the company of his family in his North Hollywood home, Los Angeles police have reportedly confirmed. Skilled in comedy, drama, singing and dancing, Rooney was regarded as the consummate entertainer and enjoyed a prolific career on stage and screen.

Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney, The New York-Born Screen Legend, Has Died Aged 93.

Margaret O'Brien, who had recently been working with the actor on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, said "He was undoubtedly the most talented actor that ever lived. There was nothing he couldn't do. Singing, dancing, performing [...] all with great expertise. Mickey made it look so easy. He seemed fine through the filming and was as great as ever," she said in a statement.

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A Week In Movies: Stiller And Williams Film In Rainy London, While Trailers Debut For Brosnan, Owen, Rio And Maleficent

Ben Stiller Robin Williams Judi Dench Pierce Brosnan Clive Owen Billy Crudup Karen Gillan Lana Del Rey Angelina Jolie

filming scenes for Night at the Museum 3

In the lull between big awards shows, media attention turns to Super Bowl halftime performances and adverts, while award-nominated actors and filmmakers travel around the world to squeeze in their next projects before Bafta and Oscar nights. Judi Dench is in India filming The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2 with the reunited cast from the original. Chiewtel Ejiofor is in New Zealand filming something top-secret. Cate Blanchett is taking a well-deserved holiday. Meanwhile, Ben Stiller and Robin Williams have been snapped on the streets of rain-swept London filming scenes for Night at the Museum 3. We braved the British weather to snap the filming in action.

We got our first glimpse of the comedy-drama A Long Way Down this week, with a new trailer that plays up the film's black humour and warm emotion. Pierce Brosnan, Toni Collette, Aaron Paul and Imogen Poots play four people who meet as they're planning to end it all by leaping from a London skyscraper. In the media circus that follows, they make a pact to live for at least one more month. It looks funny and rather sweet, with the terrific cast on great form. It's out in March. Watch 'A Long Way Down' Trailer here.

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'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' - Ok, So It's Either Great, Or Terrible.

Ben Stiller Kristen Wiig

Ben Stiller's movieThe Secret Life of Walter Mitty - based on James Thurber's classic story - has severely divided critics ahead of its release on Christmas Day. Back in October, we speculated on the possibility it being too avant-garde for Hollywood based on the strength of the trailer and with a 37% score on Rotten Tomatoes, it seems Stiller's project hasn't quite worked out (at least most people don't think so).

Ben Stiller Secret Life of Walter MittyBen Stiller in 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty'

"It's too airless, too perfect, a dream of connection with humanity that flees contact with actual people," said Tom Shone of The Guardian.

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Video - 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' Cast Pose Together At New York Film Festival - Part 2

Ben Stiller and Kristin Wiig, who play the lead characters in the new comedy 'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty', pose together at the New York Film Festival Centerpiece Gala Presentation held at the Film Society Lincoln Centre.

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Reality Clearly Bites For Ben Stiller, He's Kicking Off A Sitcom

Ben Stiller Jerry Stiller

Ben Stiller will fulfill a producer role as NBC reimagine the 1994 cult comedy, Reality Bites. The film, which starred Stiller as well as providing his directorial debut, was released in 1994 and gained a cult following years after its release, Deadline report.

Reality Bites seemed to capture a generational issue: fresh out of college and struggling to get a job. “Although it never became the definitive document of Generation X, Reality Bites is a touchstone for anyone just out of college and stuck with more ideals than job prospects, not to mention a head full of bad-TV trivia,” explained Rolling Stone at the time.

And in these times of austerity - youngsters out of school are finding employment space – a show based on such a dilemma could be perfectly timed. Co-producing with Uni TV are Stiller’s Red Hour Television and Double Feature Films, the company run by Michael Shamberg and Stacey Sher – both worked on the 94 movie.

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'The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty' Trailer Released: Ben Stiller Goes On An Adventure

Ben Stiller Kristen Wiig

In this year's adventure comedy, The Secrey Life of Walter Mitty, Ben Stiller plays the titular Mitty who is a timid photo manager for a magazine. His mind wanders all over the world as he passes time living vicariously through his fantasies and daydreams, until a pretty co-worker (Kristen Wiig) catches his eye who he'd like to ask out but is too shy. However, when a photographic negative goes missing, Mitty makes an unusually spontaneous decision and embarks on a real-life adventure that takes him beyond his wildest imagination.

Ben Stiller
Ben Stiller Demonstrates His Filmmaking Versaility In ...Walter Mitty.

The film is indirectly based on the 1939 short story of the same name from the My World and Welcome to It collection by author James Thurber. Zoolander actor Ben Stiller both directs and stars in this year's exciting novel adaptation and remake of an existing 1947 film inspired by Thurber's book.

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Greta Gerwig Gives Performance Of A Lifetime In 'Frances Ha' [Trailer]

Greta Gerwig Noah Baumbach Ben Stiller

Noah Baumbach's new move Frances Ha is easily one of the best reviewed movies of the year. A 93% fresh score on review aggregating website Rotten Tomatoes sees in climb inside the year's Top 20, though most critics agree that Greta Gerwig's performance as an apprentice dancer in New York is the year's best.

Shot in black and white, this overtly cool indie-flick tale follows Frances and her best friend Sophie. When the latter moves out of their shared apartment to live with another friend, Frances is forced to figure her life out. 

There's shades of Greenberg here, though whereas Ben Stiller was the focus in that movie (despite Gerwig stealing every scene), it is the 28-year-old from New York who maintains her position as one of the world's finest actresses. 

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A Week In News: Reese Witherspoon Busted, Jennifer Lawrence's Hair And Justin Bieber's Monkey

Reese Witherspoon Jennifer Lawrence Justin Bieber Dwayne Johnson Seth Macfarlane Ben Stiller

Dodgeball 2 – Yeah You Heard, It’s The Return Of The Underdog

Ben Stiller Vince Vaughn

Fans of the Stiller school of comedy should pop muzzles over their easily impressed faces, as Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story will resurrect itself in the form of a sequel. The name? Well it’s Dodgeball 2 of course.

It’s not really surprising that a sequel has been ordered. What is surprising, though, is that it’s taken this long to come to fruition. The film was a huge hit in the box office, and made more than 114 million US dollars in the States. “It's really hard to get most movies made," Ben Stiller said about the current state of the industry. "Especially independent films, and even just regular, mid-range budgeted dramas. The genre movies and sequels are obviously what becomes the thing." He’s not wrong there. 20th Century Fox can guarantee in increase on the first film’s gross, given everyone who went to see it at the cinema will want to catch the sequel, and taking into account inflation. It’s a sure-fire winner, and one that the film’s stars Stiller and Vince Vaughn were just waiting to cash in on.

Ben StillerYou might know him as White Goodman - Stiller

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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Review


Instead of developing the characters or situations for comedy gold, the filmmakers instead just crank up the chaos. So while some scenes are both funny and visually impressive, this second sequel is simply too inane to make us hope there will be a part 4. Very young kids may be distracted by the hectic pacing and hyperactive characters, but everyone else will quickly be bored by the nonstop mayhem, simply because there's nothing interesting going on.

Anxious lion Alex (Stiller), chatty zebra Marty (Rock), nerdy giraffe Melman (Schwimmer) and silly hippo Gloria (Smith) are living a Lion King-style existence in Africa, although their only hope for escape has just flown away. Namely, the brainy penguins and their monkey assistants. So our heroes follow them to Monaco, where they all end up on the run from the notorious animal control agent Dubois (McDormand). They run straight into a failing circus, which they set out to bring back to its glory days so they can catch the eye of an American promoter and go home to New York. To do this means working with the current circus acts: sultry cheetah Gia (Chastain), dorky sea lion Stefano (Short) and tetchy tiger Vitaly (Cranston).

The circus premise lets the filmmakers have a lot of visual fun with the characters, most notably in a riotously colourful Cirque du Soleil-on-acid performance in London. But the plot makes no sense at all (if they can get to Monaco, surely they could get to New York, right?), and there are so many new characters that the central quartet feels almost sidelined. Especially since they've also wedged in an under-developed romance for the lemur king (Baron Cohen). Yes, it's all over the place, and being busy is not the same thing as being clever or funny.

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The Watch Review

You'd think that a film written by Stern (the surprisingly witty Mr Popper's Penguins) and Rogen/Goldberg (the hilarious Superbad and Pineapple Express) and starring a reliably funny cast would be a safe bet for a fun night out in the cinema. Well, unless your sense of humour is on par with a 12-year-old boy, guess again. With a sour tone and jokes that have no punchlines, this is a relentlessly unfunny comedy that shifts into an unexciting alien invasion thriller.

Stiller stars as Evan, an overachiever who can't bring himself to tell his loving wife (DeWitt) that he's sterile. When there's a murder in the super-store he manages, he forms a neighbourhood watch group with three losers: Bob (Vaughn) is struggling to cope with his teen daughter, Franklin (Hill) has an unhealthy obsession with guns, and Jemarcus (Ayoade) is a goofy sex addict.

All three would rather drink beer and play stupid games than keep their community safe. But then they discover that the killer was actually an alien who is leading an invasion of Earth.

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The Watch Trailer

The Watch are Costco manager Evan, father of a teenage daughter Bob, police reject Franklin and Jamarcus who seeks the love of a beautiful woman. Evan formed the Watch after his wife Abby forced him to move to the suburbs of Glenview, Ohio in an attempt to escape the mundaneness of his daily family life. The others, with same mindset, soon followed despite the persistent mockery from local kids and police officers that came along with it. Once they obtain their team jackets that truly scream don't-mess-with-us with their tiger/ wings/ fire emblems 'All on the same logo!', they are ready to sniff out the covert aliens of the town. What they weren't betting on was actually finding anything so when their vehicle collides with something in the road, coming across a splatter of your average mysterious green slime came as a bit of a surprise. They discover a mystifying ball of some sort that they eventually recognise as a deadly weapon after obliterating a cow with a beam of energy. The Watch realise that they must be the ones to defend their planet from this extra-terrestrial threat.

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Video - 'Madagascar 3' Star Ben Stiller Arrives With Wife At New York Premiere - Part 1

Among arrivals at the New York premiere for DreamWorks Animation's 'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted' at the Ziegfeld Theater were mascots of Ben Stiller's character Alex the Lion and one of the militant penguins, actor and comedian Andy Richter who plays the voice of Mort, Stiller himself and his actress wife Christine Taylor, and the Chief Executive Officer of DreamWorks Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Before becoming the star of the 'Madagascar' film series, Stiller had had several blockbuster successes in comedy flicks such as 'Night at the Museum', 'Meet the Fockers', 'There's Something About Mary', 'Anchorman' and 'Dodgeball'. He has won several MTV Movie Awards plus a Primetime Emmy for his TV show 'The Ben Stiller Show'

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted Trailer

After escaping to Africa from Madagascar, Alex the lion; Gloria the hippo; Melman the giraffe and Marty the zebra decide it's time to head back to New York once and for all. Unfortunately, they have to rely on the penguins - Skipper; Kowalski; Rico and Private - and the two chimpanzees, Mason and Phil and their combined mechanical knowledge, to get them back home. Nothing can go wrong this time, though, can it?

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Neighborhood Watch Trailer

Evan Trautwig is a manager at Costco. One day, his friend, who is a security guard, is murdered. After the police fail to find his friend's murderer, Evan has the idea to form a neighbourhood watch, to look for criminals.

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The Big Year Review

Even though it's rather corny and sentimental, this colourful comedy-drama holds our interest mainly because it's about a subject we'd never imagine watching a film about.

Brad (Black) is a birdwatcher who decides to do a Big Year, seeing as many birds as possible in 12 months, while holding down a full-time job and borrowing against his credit cards. Jetting around the country for rare spottings, he comes up against his record-holding nemesis Kenny (Wilson) as well as Stu (Martin), a corporate big-wig who has taken a year off work to follow his dream. But will their obsession with birding cause problems in their private lives?

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Video - A Relaxed Ben Stiller Signs Autographs In New York

Actor Ben Stiller (Night at the Museum; Madagascar; Zoolander) is seen signing autographs outside the NBC studios after appearing on the 'Today Show'. Before taping his appearance, the singer is seen entering the studios, wearing sunglasses and headphones and looking a little scruffy. On his way out of the building, however, he looks more relaxed and he smiles at the photographers as he leaves.

Ben Stiller rose to fame playing kooky model Derek Zoolander. In addition to his film roles, Ben made a guest appearance in popular children's cartoon 'Phineas and Ferb', alongside his wife ChristineTaylor

30 Minutes Or Less Review

Very Good
There's no depth or meaning in this light bit of goofiness, but if you're in the mood for some random escapism, it's the kind of movie that keeps you chuckling. And often laughing out loud.

Slackers Dwayne and Travis (McBride and Swardson) are fed up with pressure from Dwayne's militaristic father (Ward), and decide to bump him off to get his money. They hire a hitman (Pena), but need cash to pay him, so they kidnap pizza delivery boy Nick (Eisenberg), strap a bomb to his chest and force him to rob a bank in the next 10 hours. He enlists his pal Chet (Ansari) and, with little time to spare, off they go. But of course nothing goes as planned.

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Tower Heist Trailer


Josh Kovacs has been a resident in Queens for more than ten years; in that time, he has acquired and lived in one of New York City's most secured and lavish apartments. He works for the Wall Street billionaire Arthur Shaw, who just so happens to live above Josh, in a swanky penthouse flat, making him the wealthiest resident there.

One day, Arthur is convicted of stealing two billion dollars from his investors and he is placed under house arrest. The investors he stole from turn out to be Josh and his crew; Arthur has taken their pensions that they entrusted him to manage. Josh is forced to admit that his retirement fund was taken too.

Josh and his crew form a plan to take back their pension fund, which they think is hidden in Arthur's penthouse. They call upon a petty robber, Slide, to help them, who in turn hires his team of amateur thieves, to scout the penthouse. It turns out that the crooks know the layout of that particular apartment, so taking the two billion back should be a cinch, right?

Starring: Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck, Tea Leoni, Michael Pena, Gabourey Sidibe, Alan Alda, Nina Arianda, Judd Hirsch and Marcia Jean Kurtz

The Muppets Trailer

Underneath the famous Muppet Theatre, oil has been discovered. Tex Richman, an oilman, finds out and plans to demolish the theatre so he can start drilling. Walter, Gary and Mary are three friends who also happen to be huge fans of The Muppets. They plan to stage what they call 'The Greatest Muppet Telethon Ever', so they can raise $10 million to stop the destruction of the Muppet Theatre.

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Meet The Parents Little Fockers Trailer

Our favourite dysfunctional family returns to the screens once again in Meet The Parents Little Fockers. It's 10 years on since Greg and Jack first met, and after finally marrying his daughter and raising two children with her, Jack seems to finally be accepting Greg for who he is; however it doesn't seem Jack's ever going to be 100% happy with his son-in-law, when he finds out Greg is short on money and working for a drug company Jack becomes dubious about Greg and if he'll ever be a strong enough man to lead his family.

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Greenberg Trailer

Watch the trailer for Greenberg

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Tenacious D: The Pick Of Destiny Review

If Tenacious D's lyrics are to be believed, then the two-man super group is the universe's greatest rock band.

Comprised of dueling acoustic guitarists Jack Black and Kyle Gass, the D fills albums with harmonious and ridiculously clever odes to their own awesomeness. Their rock operas would make excellent B-sides for Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell album. Indeed, the band belongs on a triple bill with '70s monsters of melodic metal Black Sabbath and Queen.

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Ben Stiller, Q&A, Night at the Museum

Ben Stiller - Q&A -  Night at the Museum

Ben Stiller plays a well-meaning dreamer who is down on his luck and short of cash in the ingenious action-adventure comedy, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. A divorced dad, he reluctantly takes a post as a night security guard at New York's Natural History Museum. It seems like a dead-end job, but proves to be life changing and challenging in ways he could never have imagined. When the lights go down and the last visitor leaves the museum, a strange magic takes hold and all the exhibits come to life - from prehistoric animals to gladiators and cowboys. The film also stars Robin Williams and movie legends Dick Van Dyke and Mickey Rooney.

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Black And White (1999) Review

A very unique and brutal subculture exists in America these days. It's a strange juxtaposition of harsh street life and uber-materialistic greed tempered with a sense of justifiability from a code of unwritten ethics. The world is that of the gangsta rappers, the ghetto boys, and the thug-life advocators that dominate the world of hip-hop and rap music. Black and White, the latest film by James Toback, explores this subculture that grows stronger with every new generation it affects.

The hardest thing about an outsider trying to infiltrate a subculture and explain it to the masses is that the truth is often lost in the translation. Toback throws together a huge canvas of characters and actors in attempt to create a clear picture of why white kids are motivated to impersonate black rappers' lifestyles and why rich whit guys treat black rappers like Arnold and Willis from Diff'rent Strokes.

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The Royal Tenenbaums Review

Family isn't based on sweet kisses on the cheek. Affection between parent and child is not established by saying the magical phrase "I love you." Instead, the strongest conversations often come through in stares and sarcastic remarks. As the old saying goes, you only hurt the ones you love, and family members are usually first in line.

This adage is wholly true for the Tenenbaums, a charismatic dysfunctional family set in a slightly surreal New York City. With an all-star cast and crisp dialogue, this film does what many other films of its genre lack -- it creates a family environment that is entertaining as well as easy to relate to.

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Envy (2004) Review

The last half hour of Saturday Night Live is inevitably a wasteland. Talented comedians are given Z grade material that goes nowhere. Imagine if the entire show were that dismal. That, in a nutshell, is Envy.

It begins with two working stiffs, Tim (Ben Stiller) and Nick (Jack Black) plodding their lives away at a 3M facility. By-the-book Tim is creeping into middle management while dreamer Nick wallows on the factory floor concocting wacky ideas for useless products. All of that changes when one of Nick's hare-brained schemes, a spray that dissolves dog excrement called Vapoorize (No. Stop. I think I'm gonna bust a gut.), pans out and makes millions.

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Zoolander Review

Very Good
In Zoolander, the world's most successful, influential and intellectually-challenged male model Derek Zoolander wonders, "Is there more to life than being really really really good looking?" Obviously, the film's creator and star Ben Stiller asked a similar question when crafting a feature-length movie out of his hilarious VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards short-film subject: Can there be more to this film than being really really really silly? No, of course not, and it never aspires to be anything more.

Much like Derek, Zoolander is a sweet simpleton of a movie. It's not complex in either its social commentary or its comedy, and it never produces any gut-busting laughs (except maybe a scene when Derek's model roommates all die in a tragic "gasoline fight" accident -- a riotously funny take-off of Tommy Hilfiger ads). But it has a satisfying handful of strong chuckles, wild characters and performances, and mildly harsh potshots at the fashion industry to keep you amused. Better yet, this exaggerated version of the original three-minute skit is only blown out to an efficient 95 minutes -- just enough time to string together its goofball plot without exhausting the gag.

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The Independent Review


Remember that great Z-grade 1969 protest picture "Brothers Divided," about the conjoined twins drafted to serve in Vietnam?

No? How about the blaxploitation classics "Venus De Mofo" and "The Foxy Chocolate Robot?" Or the tree-hugging girlie biker flick "The Eco-Angels"? Or the midget Gidget movie "Teenie Weenie Bikini Beach"?

Those don't ring a bell? Surely you've seen at least one of the 427 movies directed by schlock filmmaker Morty Fineman over the last 38 years, right?

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Envy Review


Even if you have not yet tired of the eye-bugging, eyebrow-dancing, class-clown schtick of Jack Black or the eye-bugging, eyebrow-dancing, fretful straight-man schtick of Ben Stiller, the first collaboration between these two one-trick ponies is still unlikely to draw a single laugh for its slapdash story of one-dimensional "Envy" run amok.

The pair star as K-Mart-class stiffs in the sandpaper trade who are best pals and neighbors in an under-the-power-lines cul-de-sac of the San Fernando 'burbs. A fusspot pragmatic by temperament, Stiller slowly turns bitter green when Black -- a wild-eyed daydreamer full of half-baked inventions and get-rich-quick schemes -- gets rich quick by helping conceive an aerosol spray that makes pet poop evaporate.

Soon Stiller and family (Rachel Weisz is wasted in a do-nothing role as his wife) are living across the street from the gaudy uber-mansion that replaced Black's tract home, complete with a carousel on the grounds and Corinthian-styled stables for a white horse that's always getting loose and nibbling on their apple tree. When jealous Stiller accidentally kills the horse in a midnight fit of drunken archery (Black's yard also boasts a bow-and-arrow target range), he tries to hide the body with the help of a weird hobo (Christopher Walken), and hilarity is supposed to ensue.

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Along Came Polly Review


Jennifer Aniston must have been struck with serious deja vu while filming one pivotal scene from "Along Came Polly," in which she discovers that a neurotic risk assessor (Ben Stiller) -- whom she's been seeing since his bride dumped him on their honeymoon -- has used his laptop computer to make a list of pros and cons about their relationship, hoping to analyze his way to Ms. Right.

Almost the exact same circumstances once led to the breakup on "Friends" between her Rachel and David Schwimmer's neurotic, risk-averse Ross.

It's just such a tendency toward the derivative that leaves "Along Came Polly" lacking any fresh romantic-comedy punch. A blind pet ferret that wreaks havoc on Stiller's attempted seductions smacks of the dog that did the same in "There's Something About Mary." A scene in which Stiller kisses up to his boss (Alec Baldwin) in the men's room recalls an awkward moment in "Brazil," and the urinal humor that drives the scene is straight out of "Austin Powers" (which was hardly the originator of such gags in the first place).

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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story Review


Can somebody please stop Ben Stiller?

Since becoming a box-office draw with "There's Something About Mary," the guy has been a horrendous ham, devouring scenery with an eye-bugging, eyebrow-stitching schtick so stale and predictable that his last dozen movies have all included the same gag: slow-motion scenes of Stiller madly mugging while dancing, or running, or playing the titular game of schoolyard pain and humiliation in "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story."

The only variation in his on-screen persona is that sometimes he's an irritatingly neurotic, hapless chump ("Along Came Polly," "Envy," "Meet the Parents") and other times he's an irritatingly arrogant, mock-sexy-pouting, self-obsessed moron ("Starsky & Hutch," "Zoolander").

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