There have been many whispers about the possibility of a follow-up to 2001’s hit comedy Zoolander, but one casting rumour seems to be solidifying. According to MTV, the film’s original star Ben Stiller wants British model Cara Delevingne to play a part.

Stiller was being interviewed to promote the third instalment of the family-friendly movies series Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb when he was asked about the existence of a sequel. He replied “There is a script, I won't deny there's a script, and there's been a reading of the script - but it hasn't yet been fully formulated.”

Cara Delevingne
British model Cara Delevingne has been linked with a role in a possible 'Zoolander' sequel

Delevingne was tentatively linked to a role in the sequel back in August, but Stiller confirmed that she was at the front of his mind in terms of the casting process, stating that he “definitely would” like her to be involved.

Owen Wilson, a long-running collaborator of Stiller’s and who stars in the new Night of the Museum as well as the first Zoolander, chipped in by saying “I have seen the script and it seems funny.”

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Anyone who was at school at the start of the noughties will remember the popularity of Zoolander. The plot involved a slow-witted and easily manipulated male model being caught up in a plot hatched by fashion executives to assassinate the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Despite indifferent reviews, it became something of a cult favourite alongside the likes of Anchorman and Dodgeball.

Delevingne’s profile as a Hollywood star is already rising, with the announcement earlier this month that she will participate in 2016’s Suicide Squad as the character Harley Quinn, alongside Jared Leto, Will Smith and Tom Hardy.

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