One sequel that has apparently divided critics this month is the long awaited 'Zoolander 2'; apparently not worth the wait as the ridiculous jokes have either been brutally slammed by reviewers, or wholeheartedly accepted as deliberately stupid. Either way, no-one's raving too much about the return of Derek and Hansel.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in Zoolander 2Critics not laughing so much at Zoolander 2

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson's return for this sequel fifteen years after the first movie, in which their male model characters attempt to save the world while saving face at the same time in the ruthless fashion industry. And while the original movie was praised for its silliness, 'Zoolander 2' doesn't seem to have had the same effect on many critics.

Branded 'really, really ridiculously bad' and 'horribly offensive' by the Daily Beast, one critic homed in on the arguably insensitive trans jokes in reference to Benedict Cumberbatch's cameo. 'There was nothing intelligent about Zoolander 2's trans jokes', they said.

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The New York Times was less scathing, but agreed that it lacked the necessary humour and was brimming with 'mostly unfunny jokes and awkward celebrity sightings'. Meanwhile, Slant Magazine criticises the film on another level, suggesting it's 'guilty of the same obsolescence it accuses the characters of embodying'.

But perhaps this isn't a film to be analysed or to be compared to other comedies. Many viewers found that discarding their expectations of what a comedy should be left them rather enjoying the overall silliness. Portland Mercury said it was 'a film about idiots, for idiots' but only in a guilty pleasure sort of way, and the AV Club admitted that while it was 'bizarre and pointless', it was not 'unamusing'. 

'It takes really smart people to make a movie this silly', said MySanAntonio, and Empire agrees that it is a 'likeable mess' but still held a criticism in that it was nowhere as memorable or quotable as the first movie.

If you loved the first movie, it's probably worth a view.