Ben Stiller has revealed a major plot point of the upcoming Zoolander sequel, the film will feature the son of his really, really good looking male model character. Yes Derek’s son, who we met briefly at the end of 2001’s Zoolander, will be a part of the sequel and will be played by child actor Cyrus Arnold.

Ben Stiller and Owen WilsonStiller and Wilson are currently filming the long awaited Zoolander sequel in Europe.

Stiller announced the news on Instagram, sharing a picture of himself and Arnold with the caption, “Meet @cyrusarnold. Son of Derek. #Zoolander2.” Arnold later took to his own Instagram to share the pic writing, :"It's out!!! I am playing Ben Stiller's son in "Zoolander 2"!! So happy to share the news with all of you!! #zoolander2 #derekjr”.

The sequel is currently filming in Europe and is expected to hit cinemas on February 12th 2016. Alongside Stiller who is reprising his role as Derek Zoolander, Owen Wilson will also be back as rival model Hansel.

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The film was officially announced in March when Stiller and Wilson made a special appearance at Paris Fashion Week, walking the runway during the Valentino show as their Zoolander alter-egos.

So far Penelope Cruz and Kristen Wiig have been confirmed as joining the sequel’s cast, as well as model Karlie Kloss who will be making her big screen debut. Kanye West is also rumoured to be in talks for a role, although Stiller is staying quiet on the possibility of a Yezzus cameo.

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But one person who’ll definitely not be making an appearance is Chanel’s main man Karl Lagerfeld. When asked if he’d make a cameo in the sequel Lagerfeld told Hello! magazine last week that he didn’t appreciate Stiller and Wilson’s Paris Fashion Week stunt.

“I don't want to be in the movie!” he told the magazine. “They wanted me to be in the movie!” Speaking about the actors' Valentino runway appearance Lagerfeld said, “I didn't like it.” Before closing the topic once and for all by adding, “I’m not an actor."