Veteran actor Ben Vereen has been hit with a $10 million (GBP6.7 million) lawsuit by his daughter's ex-fiance, over a home the former couple once shared.
In the lawsuit filed last week (beg12Jan09), William MCGlynn, 39, claims he proposed to Malaika Vereen with a $30,500 (GBP20,470) engagement ring in 2004 and spent over $250,500 (GBP168,120) on the entertainer's daughter and grandson during their two-year courtship.
MCGlynn alleges he made a $123,000 (GBP82,550) down payment on the $600,000 (GBP402,685) New Jersey home the couple shared, which was co-signed by Ben Vereen.
The former UPS (United Parcel Service) worker allegedly called off the wedding in 2005 and demanded to sell the home and be reimbursed for his down payment, when he learned his future father-in-law was the only name on the deed.
According to the New York Daily News, MCGlynn is now demanding Vereen and his daughter return the ring, reimburse the money he put down on the house, and pay $5 million (GBP3.4 million) each in punitive damages.
MCGlynn says, "(Vereen) said my word is my word, we don't have to sign anything. He told me that everything would be okay... I tried reaching out to him... he said it's out of his hands.
"Even if I don't get the money back, I can let people know who these people are - to beware. Love is blind, I guess."
A spokesperson for the actor tells the newspaper his client was shocked to learn of the suit.
Vereen's daughter could not be reached as WENN went to press.