Benedict Cumberbatch's new fiancée provides him with all the support he needs.

The 'Imitation Game' star, who recently got engaged to British theatre director Sophie Hunter, says they are ''really happy'' together.

Asked if it's nice to have the support of his loyal fans, the 38-year-old actor, who has been inundated with messages of congratulations since he and Sophie, 36, confirmed their engagement last week, told E! News: ''It is. But the only support I really need, to be honest, is the woman I love, who I proposed to.''

The couple decided to announce their happy news in the Births, Marriages and Deaths section of a newspaper, as it ''seemed right.''

Benedict told ''It's what I would have done if I wasn't sort of famous. It's what we do. It's a kind of traditional thing to do.

''I wanted to have some control over the message. I don't tweet or do social media. It's too impersonal. I would rather do what we did, and have people find it, and not see us from some s***ty, grainy footage staring lovingly into each others eyes with a ring on someone's finger. I wanted it to be ours.''

The 'Sherlock' actor admits his fans aren't the only ones speculating about whether he and Sophie are planning to start a family in the near future.

He said: ''Oh God. Well, my mother is also waiting for Cumberbabies.''

It is not yet known when the couple - who first met when starring opposite one another in 2009's 'Burlesque Fairytales' - will walk down the aisle, but just last year the actor insisted he was in no rush to tie the knot.

He said at the time: ''It's a wonderful thing to get married young and become a father.

''I used to think that I'd get married by my mid-thirties and have children.

''But now I think I can wait. I'm no longer in a hurry to get married.''