Benedict Cumberbatch has reportedly called the police over ‘an obsessed fan’ who is said to have made several trips to the ‘Sherlock’ actor’s house, leaving red ribbons outside. The actor is said to have become concerned over the woman’s behaviour and she has now been issued with an official Police Information Notice (PIN) over harassment.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie HunterBenedict Cumberbatch and wife Sophie Hunter.

The Mirror reports that the woman left red ribbons outside Cumberbatch’s home on at least two occasions, leaving one tied to the star’s car and the other fastened to a window of the house. Cumberbatch lives in North London with his wife Sophie Hunter and the couple’s baby son.

The woman is now said to have now been issued with an official Police Information Notice (PIN) over harassment, which forbids her from contacting the actor. Cumberbatch is also thought to stepped up security at the London theatre where he is currently appearing in Hamlet.

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A source told The Mirror, “Benedict is used to people mobbing him wherever he goes and he’s a good sport about it. But this individual has taken things to the next level and there was no option but to pursue official action.”

"Turning up at professional events is one thing, but arriving uninvited at the family home is quite another. It might be that she thinks it’s ­harmless, but it does feel a bit sinister. Leaving red ribbons is obviously a bit of a game, but it does feel quite dark.”

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Last month Cumberbatch’s ‘Sherlock’ co-star Martin Freeman was also forced to call in police, after receiving an online death threat towards him and partner Amanda Abbington. An anonymous blogger posted a picture online of a baseball ball bat wrapped in barbed wire, directed at the couple, with the caption “Shall we start prepping for a possible funeral?”

The blogger also wrote, “Both Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington are starting to give Benedict and all his fans a bad name! They both seriously just need to shut up and f*****g die already!” Abbington then replied, “To the coward who’s since shut this blog down. We’ve already informed the police sweetie. They have all the info.”