Let's not deny it - since 'The Lord of the Rings' came out, it has been almost every film-goer's dream to be a part of Middle Earth. Furthermore, it must have been incredibly enticing for actors across the world to turn up and audition for 'The Hobbit' - a prequel trilogy set in the same universe, with the same director and some returning members of the cast. For actors like Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays both Smaug the dragon and The Necromancer, it must have been a dream come true.

Benedict Cumberbatch spoke about The Hobbit on the red carpetBenedict Cumberbatch spoke about The Hobbit on the red carpet

"It's a privilege to be in these films," he explained at the premiere for the final part of Peter Jackson's epic saga, "let alone to be at the end of this entire journey; it's like another level really." But faced with the very obvious fact that this is the end of a series that reinvented the course of the cinematic landscape, Cumberbatch has a happier outlook, saying: "It's a celebration. It's a great send-off, really."

Watch the trailer for 'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' here:

In addition to the obvious filming, Cumberbatch was especially excited to get down to New Zealand in order to explore the very real scenery from the film. Yes; all work and no play makes Benedict a dull boy, so explore the landscape he did. "It's all there. It's all in New Zealand" he announced. "That was one of the big draws about getting the job; I just wanted to get down there and have some fun, and go walking and get on the river".

'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' I the final part in director Peter Jackson's Middle Earth saga. Currently, critical response to the film is overwhelmingly positive, with the film is currently out in UK theatres, and with a US release scheduled for 17th December 2014.

Benedict Cumberbatch voices the dragonBenedict Cumberbatch voices the dragon