It might seem like an odd pairing but Benedict Cumberbatch could soon be appearing in BBC soap ‘Eastenders,’ if executive producer Dominic Treadwell Collins has his way. The ‘Sherlock’ star is an old school friend of Collins and is said to be up for testing out his cockney accent on the residents of Albert Square.

Benedict CumberbatchCan you imagine Benedict Cumberbatch with a stall on Albert Square?

Appearing at the Radio Times TV Festival Collins said, “I really want Benedict Cumberbatch to come and do a turn. And he says he’ll come and do it but he is slightly busy. But he would be my dream."

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Speaking about the pair’s history Collins revealed that the two are old school friends. “He was the year above me at school and I remember doing the Shakespeare play ‘As You Like It.”

“I remember afterwards ¬running up to my mum to see if I was any good and she said, ‘Yeah, you were fine but Benedict is an actor He's going to be the next Olivier.’” But one person who might not think Cumberbatch is a good fit for Albert Square is Danny Dyer, who last year said the actor who get bullied if he entered the Queen Vic pub.

"He couldn’t play a kid from a working-class estate, but I couldn’t do what he does either,” Dyer said. “I think that I could play Sherlock, though, if I did it my way. Benedict’s brilliant and the lines roll off his tongue, but that role is about being highly intelligent rather than posh.”

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If Cumberbatch does make an appearance on ‘Eastenders’ it wouldn't be the first time an Oscar nominee has graced a British soap. In May 2005 Sir Ian McKellen was cast in ‘Coronation Street’, playing “dodgy novelist” Mel Hutchwright.