Dreamworks and Touchstone could have been forgiven for being confident in their film, The Fifth Estate. They secured Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Bruhl, an intriguing story with infinite press, and only spend $28m putting the whole thing together.

the fifth estate
Daniel Bruhl and Benedict Cumberbatch in 'The Fifth Estate'

Financially, things were looking good, even if the reviews were worryingly negative. But it looks as though the critical mauling taken by the Wikileaks drama deeply affected those thinking of seeing it. Opening this weekend (18-20 Oct), The Fifth Estate grabbed a measly $1.7m – according to Box Office Mojo – putting it 8th in the top 10.

Top was, of course, Gravity, which managed $31m on its third week, putting its cumulative total to $170m - $284m worldwide. The Fifth Estate has a worldwide total of $3.3m. Oscar contender Tom Hanks came second as Captain Phillips saw $17.3m change hands so audiences could see the ship-kidnapping story on the big screen. Having been out for two weekends, Captain Phillips has already secured $62.4m worldwide, outgunning its production budget of $55m.

Gravity is still setting standards

The Carrie coffee shop prank did the trick, seeing the classic horror remake debuting at 3rd with $17m dead. You can expect Chloe Moretz’s terrifying telekinesis action to get hotter as we approach Halloween, with audiences keen to scare themselves silly.

The Fifth Estate really stands out as an anomaly for this weekend’s box office totals. Cumberbatch – while being lauded for his efforts in portraying Julian Assange – wasn’t enough to draw audiences in as the movie well and truly bombed.

Overall, quality prevailed, with Gravity and Captain Phillips – two films raved about by those charged with criticizing – are not only due to fill Oscar lists, but they’re bringing in the hard-earned cash of movie-lovers in both the domestic and worldwide markets.

Captain Phillips
Captain Phillips has been praised by the critics