If you need something to help waste away a few hours today, then look no further than YouGov’s new profiler app, which gives you an in-depth look at exactly what your particular tastes say about you. 

One DirectionLike One Direction? Own a pet fish?

All you have to do is type in the name of a celebrity, band, politician, tv series or even vegetable and you’ll get a tell all profile of their typical fan, which lets you in on everything from where these people are most likely live to what make of car they might drive.

For example if you’re a One Direction fan you’re mostly likely to be a female, aged between 18-24 who enjoys shopping and swimming and might own a pet fish. You’re also predicted to spend around 36-40 hours online a week.

Males in the 18-24 age group however, are apparently the biggest section of Taylor Swift’s fanbase (that one is pretty surprising). These men apparently live in Scotland, lean to the right politically and are occasionally grumpy, but more often than not they're easy to talk to.

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Benedict Cumberbatch fans are said to be usually women, aged between 40 and 59 who live in Scotland and enjoy watching Formula One. While women who like Leonardo DiCaprio apparently wish they didn't have to go to work everyday, as they'd rather spend time on Youtube or with their pet cat.

Those who listen to Coldplay are usually middle aged women who work in healthcare and medicine and prioritise their families. While fans of Martin’s rumoured ex Jennifer Lawrence are mainly males, aged between 18-24 who eat chicken curries and drive Rovers.

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Then there’s Bob Dylan’s loyal fanbase, men aged 60 plus who live in the West Country and enjoy politics. They’re plagued by adverts which they hate so much they’ll mute the TV whenever they come on, but the last programme they’re likely to have watched was the good old news and weather.

Bob DylanDylan fans just can't stand adverts!

So is this an accurate way of profiling people based or their interests or is it just a load of nonsense? Well I’ve just searched my particular passion and been told I’m a female, aged between 25-39, who lives in London and works in the media. So yeah, no comment.