'Gotham' isn't a show everybody thought would work when it was first announced. Billed as an origins story for the city and its roster of intriguing heroes, villains, and everything in-between, the DC Comics-based series would bring all new backgrounds to some of the most recognisable characters in the world. Now, almost four full seasons down the line, and those working on 'Gotham' have proven that they had exactly the right ideas to make the show a success.

Ben McKenzie, Robin Lord Taylor, and Donal Logue in 'Gotham'Ben McKenzie, Robin Lord Taylor, and Donal Logue in 'Gotham'

In recent episodes, we've seen leading characters Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Harvey Bullock (Donal Logue) face some of the trickiest times in their working relationship and friendship. Gordon has been keeping his cards close to his chest, leading to mistrust between the duo and a rocky road for the pair to travel. Now though, with Harvey realising exactly why his friend had been keeping quiet, the path is clear for their friendship to be rebuilt once more.

According to Entertainment Weekly's Spoiler Room, McKenzie teased :"Now that Harvey really knows what Jim has been up to, that’s something that can’t be buried between the two of them. That will be a part of the texture of their relationship moving forward forever."

He continued: "In a way, it almost bonds them closer in the sense that Jim was always able to look at Harvey with somewhat of a sense of being superior to him — that Harvey was a cop who played on the edges of legality and ethics. Now that Jim has crossed that line, he understands how one gets there better. It is a nice maturing of their relationship."

The fact that these two are now tied to one another forever means that they'll have to learn to get along to progress not only in their relationship, but in their working lives and even beyond that. Fortunately for fans of the pair, it looks as if they won't find it a struggle to become close once more, relying on each other to get by and cementing themselves as one of the most iconic duos in modern television.

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'Gotham' season 4 continues on FOX in the US and is expected to come to Netflix in the UK in the near future.