For three seasons to-date, 'Gotham' has entertained audiences on FOX in the US, serving as the perfect prequel series to the DC Comics superhero Batman. Now nearing the end of that third season, the FOX network have announced that they've recommissioned the show for a fourth season, expected to hit the small screen this year.

Ben McKenzie stars as Jim Gordon in 'Gotham'Ben McKenzie stars as Jim Gordon in 'Gotham'

Following series lead Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as he joins the police force in Gotham City, we see him go through some incredibly challenging times as he tries to play by the rule book, but is often forced to bend those very rules if he's to achieve what he needs to, to keep the City on track.

We also meet a young Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz), the future Dark Knight himself who lives with his butler Alfred (Sean Pertwee) after the brutal murder of both his parents. Looking for answers from the questions surrounding his own life, he'll find out some less-than-pleasant things about the people in his tight-knit circle, whilst also meeting the future villains of the City.

Ben McKenzie leads the series alongside Donal LogueBen McKenzie leads the series alongside Donal Logue

Though it has steadily declined when it comes to ratings, 'Gotham' maintains its position as one of the most popular scripted shows on FOX. With an already built-in fan base, the Batman universe doesn't look like it's going anywhere fast; we imagine this is going to be a long-running series for the foreseeable future.

'Gotham' isn't the only series renewed by FOX, with 'Lucifer', 'Last Man on Earth' and 'Lethal Weapon' all given another season. Meanwhile, X-Men series 'The Gifted' has been picked up, which will give the network the chance to bring some Marvel characters on screen alongside their DC ones. They won't be crossing over of course, as far as we can guess, but it will be nice to see the two comic book properties represented on the same network.

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'Gotham' continues on FOX in the US and is expected to hit Channel 5 and/or Netflix in the UK later this year.