The extended trailer for Fox’s new show Gotham had us practically dribbling. It looks that good.  We need a Batman fix (even if there is no Batman in it...) now that Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy has come to an end and there’s just too long to wait for Batman v Superman.  So, what exciting things can we gather from the trailer?

Ben McKenzie GothamBen McKenzie on the set of Fox's Gotham

Jim Gordon as we've never seen him before

Ryan from The OC has totally reformed from bad guy to good guy and is now Detective James Gordon, who will one day go on to become Commissioner Gordon. The death of Marissa clearly hit him so hard he moved to Gotham.  We’ve never thought as Jim Gordon as hot per say, but that’s all changed now that he’s played by Ben McKenzie.

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Action Man

It seems like Jim was in the army before he joined the police force. When Harvey Bullock, his mentor asks him, “You killed people before?” Jim replies, “That was war.” The new series seems as though it toughening up the character of Jim Gordon, turning him into a disillusioned veteran with a murkier past than he’s ever had before.

Pre-Batman Gotham

The action takes place about 20 years before Bruce Wayne turns into Batman. “Gotham’s headed for war,” Jim is told by a troubled looking man with blood running down his face. So, it seems as though we’ll get a look into how Gotham became the city that it was when Batman came to the rescue.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Wayne

We may get to meet Bruce Wayne’s parents. We’ll certainly see that iconic scene where they are shot, anyway.

Jim vows vengeance

After Bruce’s parents are killed, Jim vows to him that he’ll find the man that is responsible. It will be an unusual dynamic seeing a young Bruce, unable to do anything as he is still a child, while Jim is the hero of the piece.

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