Benji Madden wants to make a movie with Matt Damon.

The Good Charlotte rocker is a huge fan of the 'Green Zone' star and has set his sights on taking up acting in order to make a film with the actor and his friend Ben Affleck.

He tweeted: "I love Matt Damon. He's the man. I'm gonna become an actor, so I can do a movie with him. then I will be the man 2. Matt Damon and Benj Affleck.

"Matt Damon is the s**t! givin me a new Goal 2 work 2wards, gonna do a movie and when they ask 'Benj- what inspired u2act?' I'll say 'Matt Damon' (sic)."

The 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' hitmaker was particularly delighted when one of his followers told him both actors are fans of his band.

He added: "Wooohooo!! I'm a shoe in!!(sic)"

While he has ambitions to act, Benji is currently focussing on completing Good Charlotte's next album, 'Cardiology', which is due for release in May.