Rocker Benji Madden's Australian radio show boast he once fooled a police officer into thinking he was his twin brother Joel has landed both Good Charlotte stars in trouble back in Los Angeles.
During a recent appearance on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Madden confessed to switching licences after he was pulled over for speeding, revealing he panicked when he realised he was close to losing his driving privileges following a string of similar traffic offences.
Madden told the radio show hosts he pretended to be Joel and it appears he got away with the scam - his brother received the traffic ticket instead of him.
Unfortunately, his public confession has landed him and his brother in hot water back home in California.
Los Angeles Police Department officials have placed his radio remarks on file and a spokesman tells WENN the Madden twins will now be "on our radar".
The representative says, "We will look into this," adding that any future traffic stops will be scrutinised and the brothers could face fraud charges and jail time if they ever pull a similar stunt.