Snoop Dogg and Franz Ferdinand dominated Saturday at Bestival on the Isle of Wight. Festival goers enjoyed a rare bit of sunshine yesterday (September 7) and Snoop Dogg performed a set, featuring some of his biggest hits to a backdrop of his own face (because of course he did.)

Snoop Dogg, Bestival
Snoop's new persona isn't exactly a hit with fans.

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The set, which got attendees well and truly pumped included that old club favorite Drop It Like It’s Hot, as well as a cover of Katy Perry’s California Gurlz. But it wasn’t just the good ol’ D-O-G-G that Bestival attendees got to enjoy. According to the Telegraph, the performance also featured a lot of Snoop… Lion’s more recent, chilled out, rasta-infused songs. And of course, there were the old and well-loved Snoop classics, like Gin & Juice and his collaboration with Dr. Dre, Still D.R.E.

Snoop Dogg, Bestival
Still, the performance was a definite crowd pleaser.

Of course, Snoop wasn’t the only headliner on Saturday. Before he took the stage, the audience was entertained by Franz Ferdinand. The indie rockers delivered a tight, perfectly coordinated festival set that would have driven the crowd to its feet (had they not been on them already. The Scottish indie rockers blasted their way through their biggest hits and fan favorites to see the festival into the evening.

Franz Ferdinand, Bestival
Franz Ferdinand were also a rousing success.

Some other highlights of the day included a powerful set by Rudimental, Bastille and of course, a much needed dose of soul and funk generously provided by The Roots.