Beth Ditto deliberately annoyed her record label with her album cover.

The Gossip singer admitted she new executives at Colombia records would be unhappy with her refusal to appear on the sleeve of 'Music For Men', opting instead for a picture of drummer Hannah Blilie.

Beth said: "I know that's not what they wanted. But I'm a femme lesbian and here is this masculine woman. It's a different kind of lesbian visibility. She gets hit on way more than me. She gets harrassed all the time. People do not mess with me."

The Gossip achieved success with their breakthrough hit 'Standing in the Way of Control' and Beth admits she sometimes struggles to cope with her fame.

She explained: "Every time I get off tour I need two days to recover. It's really, really bad. I actually can't move. You're around people too much. You never get time alone, so when you do everything shuts down."