Beth Ditto recently got drunk, vomited and urinated on herself all in one go.

The Gossip frontwoman admitted while she has grown up in many ways over the past few years, she hasn't become any more respectable.

She said: "I got drunk and simultaneously puked and p****d my own pants recently.

"If anything I have more opinions now because I'm not a kid anymore and I know what I'm talking about. I just think about things a lot more now."

However, one thing Beth, 30, is serious about is her girlfriend Kirsten - her best friend of 10 years, who she started a relationship with just a month after finishing her nine-year romance with former flame Freddie - as the pair have had a "pact" since the age of 19 to ensure they would get married.

She added: "When we were 19 we had a pact we would get married. I love her so much."