Filmmaker Mark Mori landed a rare gem while interviewing the late Bettie Page for his new documentary about the late pin-up - she confirmed she had spent time in an asylum.

Mori spent the last decade of Page's life quizzing the icon about her high and low times for his film Bettie Page Reveals All, and he was stunned when she opened up to him about her mental health issues.

Mori tells Wenn, "I was shocked to hear that she was in an insane asylum because she didn't bring that up in our interviews. There was a book in 1997, called The Real Bettie Page, which was published by Richard Foster. He brought that out and it was really not known publicly before he uncovered that.

"I followed up with her and she talked to me freely about it. There were a lot of unhappy things in her life and if you think about it this is fairly common among artists.

"She was the greatest model in front of a still camera in history, so, in a way, she is an artist. In a way she suffered for everyone else's benefit. She brought joy to so many people. She had joy in her life but she also had moments of great tragedy."

Page died on 11 December, 2008, in Los Angeles.