Ok, so Nicolas Cage in Miley Cyrus's Wrecking Ball was pretty creepy. Really creepy. But now 91-year-old Golden Girls actress Betty White has climbed aboard.

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus' Wrecking Ball Video Has Over 250 Million Plays On YouTube

In a parody promo clip for her new hidden camera series Betty White's off Their Rockers - which recently found a home on Lifetime after being axed by NBC - the screen legend is seen riding a wrecking ball Miley style. But she's fully clothes. Thank god.

"I was asked to help promote my show Off Their Rockers, which is coming to Lifetime," White explains in the clip. "So I got some ideas from recent pop culture events that really got the kids talking." After riding the ball, Betty asks, "Can someone hand me a sledgehammer... how about a foam finger?"

White - now officially the record holder or longest TV career for an actress - currently appears in sitcom Hot In Cleveland. She became the oldest person ever to host an episode of Saturday Night Live in 2010. 

Watch Betty White's Wrecking Ball:

Miley's Wrecking Ball video, directed by Terry Richardson and released by Vevo in September, has racked up over 250 million views. It starts off with Miley crying while singing the song before sitting baked on top of a wrecking ball and licking a sledgehammer. 

"I think the video is much more, if people get past the point that I'm naked and you actually look at me you can tell that I actually look more broken than even the song sounds. The song is a pop ballad," Miley told MTV.

The song topped both the UK Singles chart and the US Billboard Hot 100. Her new album Bangerz also topped both charts.

Betty White's Off Their Rockers will air its twenty episode third season on Lifetime in 2014.

Watch Nicolas Cage's Wrecking Ball, just for the hell of it.