Review of The Story And The Song Album by Between The Trees

Between The Trees
The Story And The Song
Album Review

Between The Trees The Story And The Song Album

Well it's not often you can claim to totally embody a particular feeling with a single musical album, but no, Between The Trees can indeed make that bold claim. The grey feeling of hopeless, mindless disappointment looms large here. Disappointment that you've ended up playing in as bland and insipid a band as this, and vomited forth this drivel of an album.

Lame, weak and purposeless, this clings vainly to hopes that someone will see it as emotional and meaningful, when instead it's a vile pastiche of every cheesy American college rock band since the dawn of time. Piano led at times, always vocally wailing, and totally annoying, this bunch of wet losers deserve to have their musical instruments stolen from them by some people with a shred of real passion for making music. They also appear to look like the Saturday staff from PC World. Vile.

Richard Edge

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