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Posted 6 years 25 min ago by Joel Engel

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i get so disheartened by so much banality in music and performers today and how the regular folks accept it all. I see some of your videos and i think what a shame that one HAS so sell one self to banality constantly. i've figured that there is so many thwarted egos and greedy performers who play unto the powerful sexual aspects of human nature, sucking people in to the ever ongoing lust for attention. this is called "art", "expression". like the human being isn't anymore than sexual to get ones attention, that we are limited. when will there a song that i whistle to, be haunted by, talk about. words that express "higher" meanings. When?? i guess no more,,,when will female performers come out with beautiful feminine attire, leaving us to our imaginations When? if it was that way before it can be that way again, voices like Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight, Anita Baker, trained sounding voices from the heart, and dressed, not half naked. maybe they weren't as egocentric and greedy, maybe they respected art and expression. yes, sex sells,,,it's called prostitution!,,,,,,pornography has it's place and now it's spread into the mainstream of the music entertainment world, and it's called "art", expression"....... The human body has to release itself of its waste and that is the "expression" of itself. is it art? the way the world is, someone will think of something! AMEN

Posted 6 years 2 months ago by dominic403

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I hate Beyonce because she is jealous of Kim Kardashian.Kim tried so much to be nice but Beyonce is just a BITCH!Do you want to know why Beyonce is jealous of Kim here's why because baby North is way cuter than Ivy,because Kim is Prettier than Beyonce,and because Kanye is better looking than Jay-Z.Beyonce cant even sing.I dont care that Kim has a sex tape because Beyonce probably had sex with more guys and girls than all celeberties combined. Go to hell BITCHY BEYONCE!

Posted 6 years 4 months ago by Iqra

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I cannot understand all the plastic surgeries she's had. You can tell from one year to the next. Check out he high school pics. You would not believe that it is her. I used to like her a lot...but she is getting whiter & more blonde. What's up with that. I do not think she is role model or an icon. She's sending out the wrong message to young black women. Beyoncé is one plastic person. I really laughed when she cut her hair. The following day it was long. She is fake all the way around.

Posted 7 years 1 month ago by Paulee Elliott

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I do not understand why Beyonce is getting "whiter" It seems that this would send the message to young Black girls that being black is not good. She is an idol, a role model. I can understand Michael Jackson because of all his emotional problems. But I am losing respect for Beyonce.

Posted 7 years 1 month ago by Margaret Edwards

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Posted 7 years 2 months ago by Anthony Snape

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beyonce is awesome, really respect her :)

Posted 9 years 7 months ago by girlieee

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Posted 11 years 3 months ago by jacqueline.capucine

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I think beyonce knowles is a very talented/gifted singer and I am very proud of all of her accomplishments. As a wife and mother though, I cannot say she is a role model to my daughter or any other young lady for that matter. Her videos and onstage performances (and "Sasha Fierce" costumes) are not classy and no different from strippers who use their bodies to make money. I think if you have as much talent as she has you don't have to stoop to such levels (alicia keys is a prime example).

Posted 11 years 3 months ago by dhusband

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I’ve heard that Beyonce will be down at Wandsworth Palais on Friday 13th November. Her all female touring band Suga Mama play a full live set at the venue with Tia Fuller (the sax player) fronting the show from around 10.30pm.Beyonce is coming to watch them perform and will be stay on for the after-show party. Also word is that Maxwell is coming down to see the gig as well.

Posted 11 years 4 months ago by lucy88

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hey yall this najee reparsenting shy town all day beyonce is the most gifted singer i know i love beyonce so much she is an inspiration to most young girls like me she not only can sing but she can dance act tap dance and more she has a great heart God made a buetiful creation once again bee all i want to tell you is God blessed you with a buetiful talent keep useing it and touching hearts like mine you inspired me that i can do anything know matter what i was raised by people telling me i cant do it but i can you did it and im going to do it so thanxx so much beyonce for you are my inspirer when i become a singer im gone tell every one you my idol in 13 so that gives me alot of time to focus on my career singing

Posted 11 years 6 months ago by najee curtis

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Hi hi iam Lawson from kenya, Africa. Queen B has been my greatest inspiration in life, i used to have self-esteem issues and felt worthless, strangely iam a dude. When i saw how u oozed confidence on stage and yet polite in real life i copied that and through u i became so confident that i got to go to law school shocking my friends whom thought, i was a weakling and coward. I proudly declare to everyone i meet iam your fun even though i'll face rejection from my male friends i dont care cause u are the queen of pop in this generation a force to reckon with luv u B and haters go hate on someone who is as talentless as u.

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by Lawsonbenjamim

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Beyonce Gets Jonas Brother's YouTube Site Removed Angering Their Sued Many Times For Copyright

Posted 11 years 8 months ago by mmm1

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Hi B,you're my MODEL and IDOL. i just love and admire u and Jay soooooo much. U're talented, Godfearg, beautiful, disciplined and classy.Guess what? my greatest earthly wish is to meet u face to face. I just got to the USA and will be going back to africa. Pls B and Jay Z, can i just grasp a life view of u, take life pics with u, i will return to africa feelg fulfilled.Hey, also taking your unwanted outfits along with me toooooo (smiles)God Bless u B, more grease to ur elbows and God Bless u, and keep the flames high my dear, ur the ultimate sasha fierce! u know what? am 8months pregnant and i bet u, my daughter will be called SASHA and u are her God mother.your mom is a perfect exple for a mom.

Posted 11 years 9 months ago by specky

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just read your playing eartha kitt in a film about her sorry gotta say you where fab in the dreamgirls but to play that part you gotta have some live experance ill wait and pass juggment then

Posted 11 years 9 months ago by pinnell40

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BK i heard gossip about crhis and r. But she had done it with jay-z and got hebes from him. Isit true.

Posted 12 years 3 weeks ago by dadygirl

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I would like to start off by saying I am a 55 year old woman that has so much admiration for Beyonce. She appears to be rooted and grounded with a beautiful, humble spirit. My prayer is that she doesnt get so full of herself and start looking down on people. I said all of that to say, her remarks about the Jackson's was very mean spirited totally out of the character of the beautiful woman that I have perceived her to be. Janet Jackson has all of the above mentioned gifts, why would Beyonce make such a mean spirited statement?

Posted 12 years 2 months ago by loyal

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Dear Beyonce & Jay-Z, Happy holidays to the both of you're all.Beyonce I had a daughter who went home to be with the Lord at the age of six. I consider you as agoddaughter not because of your career. It is because of who you are being yourself and working hard at what you love to do make beautiful musicand perform. You will go along way in life.You are so God-gifted and very creative with yourmusic and performance.I have some of your CD's nad you are so tremendous.I know that you don't know who I am. Maybe I willemail a photo of me. I love to see young peoplesucceed in life. You and Jay-Z put nothing butthe best "smile". Well this is all for now. Get plenty of rest while you off. I'm an Head Start Lead Teacher J here in ackson, GA. I been teaching young childrenfor about 8 or 9 years. I love what God hasbless me to do. I hope to meet you and Jay-Z one day. Take careand I hope to hear from you soon. Until then "PEACE".Love,Kay Walton

Posted 12 years 2 months ago by Sharon Walton

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Beyonce is really good at giving power to the ladies and as “Single Ladies” and “If I Were A Boy” have become Sistah Souljah anthems to the plight of downtrodden women everywhere, Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman has some choice words for the recently married Queen of R&B.Check it out at The Urban

Posted 12 years 3 months ago by ClarkKent23

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beyonce is the kind of person i would love to be she is so talented and beautyful i also wish my body looks just like her's when ever i need to loos whight i put a picture of beyonce up to give me strenght and well power.

Posted 12 years 6 months ago by b-dazzle

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I have beyonce`s new yahoo I'm screen name.....she made it to communicate with her [email protected]

Posted 13 years 3 months ago by monie

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beyonce is beautiful and she is the best singer ever i love her and i wish i could meet her one day

Posted 13 years 6 months ago by mikeazizicars

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Hi Beyonce, What are you waiting for? I mean getting marry to Jay-Z. I love you both.

Posted 13 years 10 months ago by Deejat

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hey beyonce well my name is tiffany and im ur biggest fan ever i love the way you sing i love it i love everything about you ur so0o0o BEAUTIFUL...and i wish i had a body like you well and i love the movie it was so0o0o i dont know what to say thats how wonderful it was and all of you girls were so0o0 beautiful.i LOVE that song that you sang LISTEN love it well beyonce i hope you read this much love tiffany :)

Is me only seeing something strange.There is something similar about Beyonce and Michael jackson.Michael lied about his age and recently Beyonce lied about her age.Mike likes buying art and Beyonce also like buying art,Katherine used to designed mike costumes but did not take it further and Tina designed Bees costume and is also becoming to designer.Sorry BEE BUT there is a time when i think you are a white girl too blonde i think you look more in dreamgirls and also and look at mike now.hopefully Beyonce will not buy a ranch and called wonderland.Iam still a fan of you both

Posted 14 years 3 weeks ago by nyaradzo

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Hello Beyonce, I hope you get a chance to read all thepositive comments people are giving you. Stay humble.Always put God first in your life. Don't forget whereyou came from. Fame can be fleeting at time rememberif you lost every material possesion you owed. What would you do? I donot want that for you at all. You deserve all that you have worked for. What I am trying to say you would still have God. Find favor in him always. Lean on him for everything. People will leaveyou he will not. You are a very talented lady. I am very proud of you because you are from Texas like me.Much continued success. I hope you marry the man of your dreams when the time is right. If you want the critics to take your music seriously, get away fromthe pop songs and dig deeper into your soul let your true fans like me see a little more of you. God Blessings for you and your family. timmsangel dreams

Posted 14 years 2 months ago by timmsangel

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she off da chain wit it!!!!!!!!

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by Chelle2Crunk

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Knowles aids in the killing of God's innocent animals for their fur. And she's becoming more white all the time, her hair is lighter and straighter than ever, she wears blue eye contact lenses, her publicity pics use a lot of light to make her skin look almost as white as the Queen of England! She's just another blacky trying to pass as a rich white woman -- like Wacko Jacko. .

Posted 14 years 4 months ago by my two cents

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I was so touched by your song RING ALARM.At first i could not understand the words but my daughter told me. I actually was so touched because i felt you were talking about me you were talking of a woman who have tolerated a man who is cheating on her after she worked so hard and you are saYing enough is enough.I tell you beyonce i cried as you did on the video but one good thing which come of it i became so strong at my heart.MY ADVICE TO YOU IF THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU BEYONCE BE STRONG and do not give up remember YOU A SURVIVOR DO NOT GIVE up.I do see you as a good wife and mother.Remember to watch wife swap and supper nanny you wil learn a lot. Also remember a success marriage come with a laughter avoid arguments trust your man do not listen to gossip.Also men love to be respected.Remember men are like chidren make him jealousy. My daughter admires i pray to god tha we will meet you one day its my dream.

I was so touched by your song RING ALARM.At first i could not understand the words but my daughter told me. I actually was so touched because i felt you were talking about me you were talking of a woman who have tolerated a man who is cheating on her after she worked so hard and you are saYing enough is enough.I tell you beyonce i cried as you did on the video but one good thing which come of it i became so strong at my heart.MY ADVICE TO YOU IF THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOU BEYONCE BE STRONG and do not give up remember YOU A SURVIVOR DO NOT GIVE up.I do see you as a good wife and mother.Remember to watch wife swap and supper nanny you wil learn a lot. Also remember a success marriage come with a laughter avoid arguments trust your men do not listen to gossip.Also men love to be respected.Remember men are like chidren make him jealousy. My daughter admires i pray to god tha we will meet you one day its my dream.

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by nyaradzo

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COME ON BEYONCE YOU ARE MY IDOL WHEN IS YOUR BIG DAY I MEAN YOUR WEDDING DAY. I CAN NOT WAIT . I AM From ZIMBABWE BUT LIVE IN THE UK. I WILL SOON BE MOVING TO TEXAS HOPEFULLY I WILL BE ABLE TO SHOP FROM THE HOUSE OF DEREON THEN I WILL SEE HER .you are a decent girl hopefully jay z will remain faithful to you. In any case you guys you have enough to retire and live in luxury life.please sent me invitation i just want to be the only african at your wedding.

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by nyaradzo

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'goldmember' the last Austin Powers film was hilarious you were hot....i hadn't seen you in 'pink panther ' latest film because Steve Martin was a poor choice to consider following in Peter Sellars role as Clouseau...noone can replace him....but why did nobody give me the role ....I do a mean Peter Sellars impression everyone is welcome to sample my impressions on my site....the best of british stand up name is not michael's phil holmes......full list of characters i take off include ......sean connery, michael caine, tommy cooper, norman wisdom, jack nicholson, 'fat bastard' , fawlty towers, .....i was an englishman in new york....grad. american comedy inst. new york...just down the road from 'saturday night live studios' where steve martin made his name....there is no opportunity for aspiring comedians in uk to progress.... ps saw you on your 1st destiny's child tour of the snubbed me didn't come up to me and say hello.....i was 4th row back in the auditorium ........what's it all about bird ?

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by punxsutawney phil

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The bitch is crazy. Multiple personality disorder, all of her other personalities are white, she straightens her hair and wears blue eye lenses. And she kills animals for their fur. Pathetic n-i-g-g-e-r.

Posted 14 years 6 months ago by my two cents

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hi beyonce wa u say dere oh am pardon for da way i talk but i am a st.lucia dats how we speak.anyway i am 11 year old cheyenne auguste from st.lucia.i am 11 now but i will b 12 31st of august.i am a singer and i have a singing group called freedom child i named it after your group.well i started singing and realizing dat i was blessed with the voice to sing at the age of 6 and from den i had bih dreams of becoming a star just like u and jayz doing big things and helping the children of africa and donating to charity and so on.well when i grow up i want to b jus like u and i hope to work with u one day.oh and say hi to jayz for me my email address is [email protected] thanks bye and keep on doin the great things u do.much love!!!!!!!!!

Posted 14 years 7 months ago by out and bad cheyo

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Beyonce-to me is everything,she is beautiful,lovely,tall,slim,the best dancer and she is simple perfict. that i will like to listen to her voice one on one, pls call me on this phone number 234-8033251696 its my direct line.

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by Bright

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I wish to see u one day, 4 am in love with and every day i watch ur video u drive me crezy.

Posted 14 years 10 months ago by Bright

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omg!! i love beyonce! She is like the best damn singer on the earth. She is the best dancer and everything. Its really sad that Destiny's Child broke up but they still ma fav group. I agree with the pricing of her jeans though. I went on they website and the stuff was so expensive. The cheapest thing was a shirt and it costed like 45 dollars. I jus cant b buyin stuff like dat. I also would luv 2 thank her for what she did in the N.O. we really appreciate it!! Also for the people that evacuated 2 houston. cuz u kno she bought the lil trailers or houses for them. But anywayz that was really nice of her. Jay-z was very generous also. Anywayz i jus wanted 2 say that I luv her and Destiny's Child and i will always support you in everything you do. Luv Ya!!!p.s when yall think she gon hav kids and get married. I think it'll b pretty soon!! At least I hope so!

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by dc34eva

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i enjoy listening to your music and even some of the movies u part of.Just keep doing your thing, especially shaking your booty.

Posted 14 years 11 months ago by Richku2001

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Beyonce is the best in everythingMay the good Lord pour an overflowing blessing on herand her family

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by tari

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thankyou you have always inspired me i like everything about will always be on my mind.

Posted 15 years 1 month ago by ethel

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Beyonce, you are my girl! I adore you to the end. I love your new clothing line, but I agree that your pricing is too expensive for your average fans. I typically purchase anything which involves you, as I will the jeans, but instead of buying two to three pair, I'll probaly only purchase one pair (related to the cost). Anyway, think about lowering the prices for your real fans who will follow you to the end of the earth. We will buy, buy, buy...just for you, you, you!

Posted 15 years 2 months ago by staciapooh

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I love Beyonce alot. Shes my idol 2...but ive onli been to one concert n that was the survivor concert.I love Michele 2.But specialli Kelly Rowland she waved to me omg jus that lil wave made me feel special lol.but yea im a lil upset theyv onli been here one time but its al gud i mean i do liv in New Zealand . all three inspire me n my friends to go for our dreams n we also started learnin mre about god too. but theyr so luky i wanna b wer they r. lol who doesnt...

Posted 15 years 4 months ago by Jade

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i just wanted to say that i think beyonce is the most talented young woman on this side of the earth and i only could wish to have a voice like that...the voice of an angel. i'm very proud of her being that i'm a houston native and has watched her grow throughout these trying years and no matter what obstacles that has crossed her path she truely over came them and remained to be that phenominal woman...from one sister to the next i have to give her all her props from her music career to the love of her life....YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!
First let me start by saying that I think Beyonce is a beautiful and talented performer. I enjoy her work. I think it's wonderful that she's coming out with a fashion line but my problem is why is it going to be so costly. Now if my facts are wrong then I take back what I'm going to say but if prices are starting at $120.00-150.00 for some jeans then who is she expecting to buy her product. I think that it is sad that People who have money and can afford to buy expensive clothing feel that everyone can also afford it too. What about people who love Beyonce and can't afford to buy 120.00-150.00 pair of jeans. I guess that we won't be able to buy them. Well is it too bad for us or what. What about the person who can't afford it. I just think that stars are putting too much money in there pockets as it is and taking as much more as they can. Beyonce I will always support your music and I'm very proud of what you are doing to support the people in New Orleans but you really need to drop the price tag on your new line. I'm sure your jeans are very nice and sexy for the body types that you have them for but will they come in pulse size. Keep up the good work with your career. God Bless

I think Beyonce is the most wonderful person ever. She's insipered me in a lot of ways. She's a great singer, exellent performer, great actress. Most of all she's a amazing person. I think everyone should be more like her.

Posted 15 years 9 months ago by cltBinky

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