More than thirty high-profile women including politicians, executives, activists and celebrities have voiced their support in the fight for women's rights around the world after signing an open letter written by charity ONE.

Beyonce is one of many high-profile women to sign the letter

The letter, titled 'Poverty Is Sexiest,' now bares the signatures of huge stars such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Meryl Streep, Charlize Theron, as well as powerful women in business like Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg.

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"For the girl who can't go to a decent primary or secondary school or access healthcare, or who is forced to marry while still a child; for the mothers threatened with death when they give life and who aren't allowed to decide when to have their next child; for the women who can't own or inherit the land she farms, nor open a bank account, own a phone, access electricity or the legal system; for the infant girl who doesn't legally exist because her birth wasn't registered and the government hasn't the capacity to collect data on her or her village; for the women and girls who can't take those who are violent towards them to court nor access justice -- let's make sure they all count," the letter reads.

"Put simply, poverty is sexist, and we won't end it unless we face up to the fact that girls and women get a raw deal, and until leaders and citizens around the world work together for real change," the charity continues.

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Released around the time International Women's Day on Sunday (March 8th), the open letter is addressed to German's Chancellor Merkel and South Africa's Minister of Health Chairwoman Dlamini-Zuma as both women are conducting meetings at the G7 in Germany and the AU in South Africa later this year.

ONE's motivation behind the letter is to hopefully "help lift every girl and woman out of poverty by 2030 - and by doing so we will lift everyone."