Beyoncé was nearly pulled off stage by an overenthusiastic male fan whilst performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday (15th August). Whilst performing her 2007 hit, 'Irreplaceable', a shirtless man attempted to drag the singer from the stage.

Beyoncé performing in Philadelphia at the Made in America Festival.

In video footage of the incident, Beyoncé can clearly be seen, in one of her embellished midnight blue stage costumes, being enveloped in a bear hug by a fan who attempted to drag her into the audience. Beyoncé was hauled away by one of the security guards, yet appeared completely unfazed by the overenthusiasm of a fan as she continued to perform. Members of the audience captured the moment and have uploaded it online. In footage taken feet from the incident, Beyoncé kept her composure and her microphone despite her precarious position: her legs remaining on stage whilst her top half was caught in her adoring fan's arms. 

The security guard was unwilling to allow the concertgoer to remain in the audience, however Beyoncé intervened by saying "Hey! It's all right. Calm! Calm! Calm!", according to People. The singer later approached the man, after finishing her song, expressing her mutual adoration with an "I love you too."

Beyoncé's calm reaction is hardly surprising when one considers her other onstage encounters, including having her hair caught in an electric fan whilst performing Montreal earlier this year. Whilst another, distinctly more unpleasant fan, even slapped the singer's bottom whilst she performed in Denmark. Strangely, the incident also occurred whilst Beyoncé was performing 'Irreplaceable'.

Beyoncé is currently touring Brazil on her Mrs Carter Show world tour. She has another concert to perform in the country's capital Brasilia tonight (Tuesday 17th September), before heading on to venues in Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico. After a short break, she will continue her world tour in November with venues booked in New Zealand and Australia. 

Beyoncé performing in Philadelphia.

Beyoncé at the Made in America festival.