Beyoncé has sent flowers to a cancer patient.

The 'Crazy in Love' hitmaker sent a sweet bouquet of flowers to Lyric Chanel, who is fighting Anaplastic Ependymoma, a form of brain tumour.

She wrote on Instagram: ''When the Queen Bey sends you flowers. Thank you so much @Beyonce Lyric was so shocked to get mail from you and she said Beyoncé is the Best!!! We love you so much and she hopes to one day meet you (sic)''

The note featured some of Beyoncé's lyrics, which read: ''Honey, Honey, I can see the stars all the way from here, I can feel the sun whenever you're near.''

Before she added in her own message: ''I was so moved to see how these lyrics inspired you, not nearly as much as you inspired me. I can't wait to meet you one day and I'm so happy you're home safely. You are a survivor. God bless, B.''

Meanwhile, Beyoncé's mother Tina Knowles-Lawson recently revealed she is most proud of the ''private'' charity work her children Beyonce and Solange do.

The 66-year-old businesswoman said: ''They will do whatever they can to help people, and the stuff that they do privately, I couldn't be more proud of because they don't care if anybody knows. I'm kind of getting choked up about it because they seek people out to help and there's never any question.''

Tina recalled one time less than a year ago where she asked Beyonce to send a private jet to take a young terminally ill girl for treatment, and praised her daughter for sending it without any hesitation.

She added: ''You know, I called Beyonce nine months ago and I just called her from a Home Depot because this kid was 14 and she was dying of cancer and they had found this experimental type thing.

''They didn't have any time and needed a plane because she obviously was in the last stage and she couldn't fly. I called her from a Home Depot, she was in the middle of a rehearsal or something, all this loud music. And I'm like this, there's this kid, she said, I can't really hear you, you got to hurry up. And I said, there's this kid that's dying of cancer. And there's a chance that she might be able to get a life saving thing. And she was like, 'Mom, what do you need?' I said, 'We need a plane and can you grab it?' She said, 'I'll get the plane.'''