Beyoncé has always been fan friendly, so it really upset her when she found out on of the singer's most devoted fans had passed away.

The 32 year-old songstress met a British teen fan, who idolized her, for the first time in 2009.

Chelsea Lee James's dreams came true when she was invited by Beyoncé to join her onstage for a performance of 'Halo,' at a concert in Australia.

Bey then met the loyal fan again backstage at another show in November 2013.

But unfortunately the 15 year-old recently lost a 10-year battle with cancer and passed away on April 21st, after hearing this tragic news the 'Drunk In Love' singer sent a touching message to her family.

"Love and prayers to you and your family. Chelsea was a beautiful girl and I am so happy I was able to meet her. She touched my heart and I will never forget her," Beyoncé wrote in a note.

Chelsea's family posted a photo of the note, along with the 90 white roses that accompanied it, on a Facebook page that supported their daughter.

Bey sang to the Australian teen in front of more than 20,000 fans at the concert 5 years ago, she even changed the lyrics of 'Halo,' which brought a tear to Chelsea's eye.

"Chelsea I can see your halo, I pray it won't fade away," the pop star sang.

The two then shared another moment together backstage at her 'Mrs. Carter Show' last November after Camp Quality, a children's cancer charity, organised their meet.

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"I was so excited to meet Beyoncé again," she said, according to The Daily Telegraph. "This time ... I actually got to meet her backstage and talk to her and laugh with her, which was so cool. I'll never forget this."

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R.I.P Chelsea.