Given everything that Beyonce stands for; her views on gender equality and empowering women, she was never going to let a man slap her on the bum and get away with it.

So when she paraded down the catwalk for a show in Denmark to connect with some of her fans during a rendition of Irreplaceable, and a man decided to plant his hand on her famous rump, she didn’t take it too kindly. "I will have you escorted out right now, all right?" she asserted before continuing with the show. We don’t know if the guy was actually ejected from the show; he could have simply slipped back into the crowd – many of whom gasped when the bum slap took place – seeking safety.

That bootylicious jelly is for one person and one person only: Jay Z, although that sounds a little bit sexist, so, it’s for Beyonce too. She can have some if she wants.

Watch this fan take it a little too far with Beyonce

In other Bey news, the singer has reportedly ramped up security as she plans to make a return to London to perform. Apparently, a fan called Bassey Essien has been sending threatening letters to the star, calling her an imposter. A source told The Sun: "Staff have been briefed on the situation and pictures of him have been passed round.They've been told to keep their eyes open and be extra vigilant. Security has been increased on a few engagements now, especially for her UK promo. It is believed similar letters to the ones that Essien sent have been received."

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