Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s father is suing British tabloid The Sun for defamation. According to E!News, the particular reason behind the suite is an article in which The Sun "knowingly and maliciously misrepresented [his] relationship with his daughter, Beyoncé, and with his granddaughter.”

Beyonce, Chime for Change Concert
There is no truth to the rumor of Beyonce's estrangement, says Matthew Knowles.

This is all referring to an article, dated March 24, which advertises its content with the claims "Former manager talks about family rift for the first time" and "Mathew Knowles has reportedly not yet met Blue Ivy." The elder Knowles claims that there is no truth to either of these statements and, in addition, that the article caused him and his family great distress.

"My daughters and my family mean the world to me," he said. "The barrage of repeated falsehoods spawned by the British Sun's defamatory article has been exhausting and personally damaging to me. No matter how many papers it sells or web hits it generates, The Sun, like any newspaper, needs to maintain a basic level of journalistic integrity. The Sun crossed the line when it went after my family. The Sun needs to be held responsible for its lies in a court of law. This happens too often to too many people, and it is simply unfair."

Matthew Knowles, Living Legends Foundation Awards
The false claims caused great distress, says Beyonce's dad.

Knowles is suing The Sun for unspecified damages, alleging defamation and breach of contract. News Corp. has not yet commented on the lawsuit. In 2011, Beyonce really did part ways with her father, in strictly professional terms. The performer said of Matthew Knowles, who had been managing her career since the Destiny’s Child days: "He is my father for life and I love my dad dearly.” There is no other evidence of a personal rift between them.

Beyonce, Chime for Change
The statements in the article were exagerrated or untrue, says Beyonce's father.