Beyonce wears false eyelashes made out of mink.

The superstar likes to achieve a killer stare by fluttering her eyes adorned with top-of-the-range faux lashes made out of the furry weasel's soft coat.

Wei Lang, the singer's makeup artist, told The Cut: ''I always use mink lashes on her. They look amazing. I use strips by Velour called 'Are Those Real?' ''

The 'Run The World (Girls)' singer is so obsessed with the luxury lashes that she refuses to wear any other kind and stocks up on them by the ''ton''.

Wei added: ''She buys them by the ton. I got her really into [them].''

Jennifer Lopez kicked off the trend for super-thick, fluffy lashes at the Oscars in 2008 by glueing on a fox fur pair, while Madonna has been known to sport custom-made diamante-incrusted mink ones.

A single pair of mink eyelashes comes at a hefty price and can only be worn around five times, although much more affordable styles and are becoming available to the public.

The 31-year-old beauty has ''flawless'' skin and her makeup artist confessed he hardly has to use any skin products on her for red carpet events because he wants to let her natural beauty shine through.

Wei added: ''I don't really use a lot of makeup on her. The one thing I do when she goes out is contour but not too heavily. She has flawless skin, so I don't really want to cover that up.''