There’s been a lot of furore lately from people who have been accusing Beyonce of photoshopping in a thigh gap on to one of her Tumblr pics. It’s been claimed that the Drunk in Love singer has digitally altered an image of her playing golf in a rather skimpy little number. Queen Bey, who is wearing a pair of striped hot pants and a pink crop top in the snap is just about to score what is probably a hole in one (she’s perfect, of course it is) and it has to be said, the singer’s legs are looking exceptionally slim.

Beyonce ThighsBeyonce has never been afraid of flaunting her thighs in skimpy outfits

Beyonce is currently in the Dominican Republic with hubby Jay-Z, where the pair are celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary. Practically as soon as she put up the photo a torrent of fans accused her of photoshopping the image to make it seem as though her thighs are slimmer than they are. Beyonce has been looking very trim lately (not exactly unusual for her), although she has never exactly been famous for her slim thighs. This doesn’t seem to have ever bothered Bey, who has never shied away from wearing skimpy outfits on stage and flaunting her thighs. She always seems pretty proud of what her momma gave her, and so she should, she looks absolutely fantastic.

Because of this, it does seem very out of character for Beyonce, who often preaches feminist values, to have edited an image to make herself appear slimmer. The answer to the problem? She hasn’t and it’s just the camera angle. From certain angles even Kim Kardashian doesn’t look like she has a huge bottom which is capable of causing a total solar eclipse.

Beyonce Jay ZThe XO singer has been celebrating her sixth wedding anniversary to rapper Jay-Z

So what we should all do it quit bitching and leave Beyonce alone to enjoy her anniversary with her husband. Although I doubt any of this has made any impact on her whatsoever, she’s probably laughing as she pens another number one hit and planning her rumoured tour with Jay-Z, which could potentially be the most successful tour of all time. She must be devastated that on top of all her success people are now claiming that she has slim thighs. What a nightmare. We hope she isn’t crying into her Grammys.

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