An air of mystery always works as a marketing strategy and noone knows it better than Queen B.

After premiering snippets off her new album Bow Down/I Been On recently, Mrs Carter is now in full on hype mode and just today released a trailer for... something. The video, just a few seconds in total, shows Beyonce, in the studio, sporting her trademark Single Ladies glove and not saying a single word. The singer may have decided to tease her album a bit more, a la Justin Timberlake, or it may in fact be the trailer for the first video, who knows? Apart from B and her team, of course.

One thing is certain though – it’s coming out tomorrow (aka April 4, note the symbolism). Everyone (and by everyone we of course mean those with an internet connection and an interest in Beyonce) is on the edge of their seats. The consensus so far seems to be that tomorrow will be the day, when we get to see the first video off Bow Down. One can only hope. The fans are certainly hoping. One even tweeted: “#BeyHereNow! Can’t wait to hear @Beyonce’s new single” Well, they won’t have to wait for long. Whatever is happening though, two things are certain. It’s happening tomorrow at 9AM EDT. And it is going to be fierce. If you want a glimpse for yourself, you can catch the teaser below.