Beyonce is back with a new single, and as a special thank you to her fans who pre-ordered the Bey documentary Life is But A Dream ahead of its DVD release this week, Queen Bey leaked the song online a day ahead of its official release date. 'God Made You Beautiful' is the latest song to be debuted by Beyonce this year and is easily the most most emotional of the bunch and considering who the song is dedicated, its easy to understand why this is such an emotionally charged song too.

Beyonce Knowles
Bey dedicates the track to Blue Ivy

The song made its way on to YouTube last night (24 Nov.) and will be available to download today, becoming available along with the home release of Life is But A Dream, on 25 November. Serving as the official song for the documentary, the track is just as personal as the documentary that it soundtracks, and is an ode to motherly love and gratefulness towards being a parent. As difficult as the task is, there is nothing more rewarding than parenthood, as Bey reiterates in her moving number, dedicated to her and husband Jay-Z's daughter, Blue Ivy.

"What lucky me, you were brought into my life/I kissed those little feet and watch for your perfect smile. /And when it comes, the world stops in your eyes. /I found love, I found peace of the purest kind," sings Beyonce as she coos over and over again for her little bundle of joy. The delicate and touching song revels in the fact that being a parent is the most challenging task there is, but it is also the most beautiful one too, as your bond with your child blossoms into something more beautiful everyday.

The single and DVD release will have to do fans for now while they wait for Beyonce's upcoming album, which is believed to still need a considerable amount of work done to it before it is ready to release, with no official release date set yet. Still, having the pains and pleasures of being a parent to contend with, juggled with all her other work, we doubt Bey is giving the album any less than 100% of her available effort.

Listen to 'God Made You Beautiful' below.

The singer will have a new album out in the near future