Beyoncé performed to a packed out crowd in São Paulo this weekend, where one fan in particular was more than a little excited about getting close to their musical idol. As if getting caught in one fan wasn't bad enough, she was grabbed by an overzealous fanatic at the Brazil show and was nearly dragged off stage before security intervened.

Queen B was ever the professional throughout the whole ordeal

This would usually be the part where we discuss how the over-eager fan was thrown out of the venue and banned from ever seeing Bey or entering the São Paulo concert venue again, but Beyoncé isn't your average superstar. As Bey reached the end of singing 'Irreplaceable', she reached in to part of the crowd to take their hands when one of them decided that a quick hand brush wasn't enough, so he jumped up and grabbed a hold of Beyoncé, dragging her head-first into the crowd. Ever the professional, Bey was able to pull herself free (with some help from security and other, less obsessive fans) and continued singing through the whole ordeal, never missing a lyric.

As the security team and some disgraced concert-goers start to attack the over-keen fan before dragging him outside, Beyoncé jumped straight to his defence, and even stopped during a song to do so! She told everyone to leave him be and let him stay, and as we all know, if Beyoncé asks you something you comply.

"It's okay," yelled Beyoncé to the security team from the other side of the stage upon noticing what is happening to her superfan. She then went over to the other side of the stage, asked his name and told the guy "I love you," before carrying on the set. The odds for someone pulling this kind of stunt at her next concert might have increased somewhat...

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This woman sure knows how to treat her fans