Beyoncé's had to deal with a few unexpected events during her recent Mrs. Carter Show world tour. She's had her hair sucked into one fan, had her bottom spanked by another, and unwittingly duetted with former X Factor winner Joe McElderry. Now she's had to face a higher level of aggressive fan tactics to get closer to her after one member of the audience took his chances when Queen Bey came by.

Beyonce Blue Sequin
Many Stars Would Have Freaked Out If A Fan Came That Close. Not Bey.

Beyoncé knelt down by the crowd during her recent show in Sao Paolo mid-performance of 'Irreplaceable' to gently touch a few fans' hands and perhaps let them have a waft of her shampoo. One man however wasn't content with merely being close to her and decided to leap up, wrap his arms around the diva and pull her into his clutches.

Beyonce Sparkly
Beyoncé Was Wearing This Blue Sequinned Jumpsuit When She Was Yanked Into The Crowd.

Unfortunately for the overzealous man, who probably had plans to sneak out of the concert hall unnoticed with her and take her home, the security guys were on the ball and dashed over the save Beyoncé who was just a flurry of hair and blue sequinned legs. She stood up and continued her song without missing a single note, but walked over to the other side of the platform just in case.

Watch The Fan Footage:

From the fuzzy fan footage it's hard to tell whether the grab-happy fan was told off or threatened by security but Beyoncé can be heard saying "hey, hey, woah, it's alright!" indicating that the man may have been hassled by other fans or Bey's muscle-men. She then asked the man what his name once and said "Nice to meet you, thank you. I love you too." Then, turning to the rest of the packed-out arena she yelled "I love y'all!"

Beyonce Stage
Some May Have Been Fazed Or Furious, Beyoncé Thanks The Fan.

Though she could have been badly injured if she'd hit the floor or the metal barriers, Beyoncé styled out the incident and carried on unflustered. Would we have expected anything else from unflappable Bey?