Documentaries about Beyonce have rarely gone beyond her professional career, and only touched upon her personal life. This is a trait that she refers to in the new teaser trailer for the HBO special that she's directing, producing and starring in, set to be released next year.

"I've always battled with how much I reveal about myself." She says, acknowledging that she may be giving into her emotions with the doc., "If I'm scared- be scared... Allow it... Release it." In a quick succession of tiny clips from the documentary we see multitudinous sides to the singer, including shots of her and husband Jay Z, plus a pre-baby bump, home footage and footage from her laptop webcam. Although it gives hints of deeper and more personal information, the vast majority of what we see is still her performances and career, which, depending on what type of fan you are, will either disappoint or delight.

In addition to this exciting addition to her discography, she'll also be performing at the half time show at the Superbowl in February, she's now a full time mum to an 11 month old baby, she's working on a new album, plus now E! has reported that she's teaming up with her hubby for some more new music collaborations. In an apparently now deleted Twitter photo of the couple, they're sitting together in a recording studio, chatting over a bottle of wine. It all points towards good things.

Take a look at the trailer right here: