Shaboozey says Beyonce's 'Cowboy Carter' was extremely "collaborative".

Shaboozey is one of a number of Black country artists, including Willie Jones, Tanner Adell, Brittney Spencer, Reyna Roberts and Tiera Kennedy, featured on the Beyonce's country-inspired album and he went to Los Angeles to record his tracks.

He told Billboard: "It’s all collaborative. Everyone’s working at the same time and different rooms and I came in a couple of days and recorded some parts. [Beyonce] heard them later and liked them. It’s cool how you don’t know until the last moment if your part made it or not. We were waiting up until 9 p.m. PT [on album release day] to know if we made the cut."

He also praised Beyonce for including Linda Martell, who was the first Black female country artist to perform on the Grand Ole Opry, with a spoken-word intro to 'Spaghettii', although he admitted he was unaware of her inclusion until the album was released.

He said: "That’s how Beyonce, she likes to put things together, taking different parts of different things and different bridges, always experimenting with the sound, so very free-form over there.

"I’m also a huge Linda Martell supporter and I admire her story. It’s cool how everything came together and I’m really honoured to be on a song with these two incredible individuals.”

Shaboozey appears on two songs on Cowboy Carter: 'Sweet Honey Buckiin' and 'Spaghettii'.