Singer Beyonce's 2009 tour of the pyramids in Egypt was cut short after she arrived late and did not apologise, according to a top heritage boss who allegedly had to wait for the superstar.

Famed archaeologist Zahi Hawass reveals he would not permit the Halo hitmaker to tour the ancient site because of her "rude" behaviour.

He tells British newspaper The Independent, "Most people I take on tours are very nice and we become friends. But this lady... She said she would come at 3pm, but she came late. I said, 'You have to say I'm sorry I'm late'. But she didn't open her mouth."

Hawass, Egypt's former Minister of State for Antiquities Affairs, also became enraged after his photographer was reportedly instructed to stop taking pictures of the singer.

He continues, "I brought a photographer and she also had a photographer and a guard. When my photographer started to shoot, he said, 'No, Stop! I am the one who says yes or no, not you'. I said, 'In that case, since you almost hit my photographer and you are not polite, out! I am not giving you the privilege of having you on my tour'. I said Beyonce was stupid and I left."

This isn't the first time Hawass has criticised Beyonce - the archaeologist called her "stupid" shortly after her trip to the country in 2009.

He said, "She's a stupid person and she doesn't understand a thing and she doesn't want to understand... She's coming here to take pictures and that's it."