Beyonce surprised unsuspecting fans who were singing her song during karaoke.

The 'Drunk in Love' hitmaker who was with good friend and Destiny's Child band mate Kelly Rowland stunned a group of girls in Miami on Tuesday night (02.01.14) when she heard them singing 'Party', a hit from her fourth studio album '4', at a karaoke bar.

The stars sang and danced alongside the girls who initially didn't recognise them and the singers even photobombed one of the party girls who had passed out after a ''five-hour drinking and singing session''.

Karaoke boss Kellie Pilicer told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''There's no way we could have planned it, no one had any idea.

''They [the girls] didn't immediately recognise who either of them were.

''They started dancing together but still had no idea who it is. All of a sudden one of the girls looks at Kelly and says. 'Oh, you look like Kelly Rowland' and then looks at Beyoncé and goes 'Oh my god!' ''

Meanwhile Beyonce's husband, rapper Jay Z, chilled out in a VIP room where he asked for security cameras to be taped up for his privacy and enjoyed chips from a takeaway shop next door.