Beyonce's '4' album ''made more sense'' to Diplo once he found out she was pregnant.

The producer and his DJ partner Switch worked on two tracks on the album, first single 'Run the World (Girls)' and 'End of Time', and although he was initially confused by why it was such an ''adult'' album, he grew to love it.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz at the launch of Red Bull Culture Clash: ''When it first came out, I wished I had worked on more of the record, but after a year passed I became a huge fan.

''We knew the two records that we did, but when it came out it had all those ballads, and then I realised, it made a lot more sense when I found out she was pregnant.

''In the studio I didn't know really where she was with her attitude but it's a very adult record.

''She's made a lot of dance and club records, but this whole album is a very adult record, and in retrospect I really appreciate it a lot, more than I did when I first heard it.''

Diplo - who is also a member of dancehall duo Major Lazer with Jillionaire - has recently produced tracks for Usher, M.I.A., Drake, and Snoop Dogg and is glad he got to the stage where huge stars trust his skills and ideas.

He added: ''I haven't really changed, it just takes you so long to work anything, that if you make great music.

''People trust me to do what I do, which I've never had for years, it was always like, 'what is this weird stuff' but now it's good to have that leverage where people trust you.''

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