Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z are making sure their kid gets everything it could possibly want, even though little Blue Ivy Carter is way too young to know what she could possibly want right now. Hey, don't judge loved-up, young, incredibly rich parents. Their latest splurge; a bejewelled crown for the just-turned one-year-old, which just about completes the set considering they've already got her a crown and (we assume) a sceptre (she is celebrity royalty after all).

Beyonce Twickenham
Beyonce uploaded the picture to her Tumblr

Bey uploaded the snapshot of her first child on her Tumblr page, featuring the left hand side of Blue's face with the crown petering off on an angle . Even though you can hardly see her, Blue Ivy looks absolutely adorable. There's also another new picture on her Tumblr, of a jubilant Beyonce as she is touched on the nose by her daughter, who is laying in her stroller. Like we said, adorable. Queen Bey has used her Tumblr page to give us our only glimpses of Blue Ivy Carter so far, uploading a picture of her daughter sat in a custom-made directors chair/mimi-throne earlier this year.

Jay Z Superhero
Jay isn't as photo happy as his wife

The singer was dogged by rumours that she may be pregnant again after she cancelled a show in Belgium and was reportedly seen with what looked like a baby bump, however she and Jay-Z have both vehemently denied this numerous times and that bump hasn't gotten any bigger, so it looks like that one is pretty much dead in the water.

Beyonce PUNK
One of the photos that somehow started the rumours