It took a long time, but Beyonce finally had her word on the lip syncing scandal that surrounded her after Obama's inauguration. She did it, and it was her decision. But if belting out an impromptu rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner wasn't 'in your face' enough, then her half time Super Bowl performance certainly was.

After announcing that she'd "absolutely be singing live" at a recent press conference, there was an extra air of tension surrounding the show. Add to that the speculation surrounding a possible Destiny's Child reunion and the atmosphere was positively fever pitch. Beyonce didn't let the pressure get to her, and if she did, she certainly didn't show it, charismatically posing below a huge fire-lit silhouette of herself, before strutting onto stage like she owned the stadium. 

Of course, Destiny's Child did reunite on stage, which probably would have taken some of the heat off Beyonce. The girls sang 'Bootylicious' and 'Independent Women' before doing the full routine for 'Single Ladies'. "Thank you so much, god bless y'all," said Beyonce before she departed, and it was over. But did she make amends to those who castigated her for using a backing track at the inauguration? Well the truth is she didn't need to, but did it anyway. The self-described "perfectionist" delivered the good, and will go down in history. Check out the performance below.