Beyonce is known for her good nature as much as her amazing singing and acting career, and with her upcoming Super Bowl half-time show B is at it again with the good deeds, allowing fans to join her on stage as part of her performance. 

On Friday (Dec 28), Pepsi announced that a few very lucky fans will be given the opportunity to get up on stage and introduce Beyonce on to the stage as part of her performance at the New Orleans' Mercedes-Benz Superdome on February 3. The Pepsi-run competition, which kick started yesterday (Dec 29), will allow fans to submit photos of themselves in any pose they can get themselves into. The pictures will then be used in a TV comercial set to air just prior to the halftime show, with a fortunate 50 of those who submit photos (along with a +1) will be chosen to introduce the singer to the stage. See what we mean by the good deeds?

As far as late Christmas presents go, they really don't get much more exciting than getting to share the stage with Beyonce, whether you're a single lady, or fella! The competition runs until January 19, but for those wanting to introduce Beyonce, the cutoff date will be January 11. Details are available on Pepsi's website. Good Luck!