Nando's chicken was on the menu for Beyoncé following her performance at V Festival in Hylands Park, UK, as the singer and her entourage left the packed-out festival with a mean hunger to cure. The singer and her pose were in Chelmsford, England, when she decided to put in one heck of an order, spending approximately $2,200 on an array of chicken and sides.

Beyoncé performed at hit-filled set at V Fest this weekend

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According to the UK's Daily Mail, who obtained a receipt from the restaurant that contained Bey's order, the singer and her group of friends visited the chicken joint on Saturday, 17 August and spent over $2K on food and drinks following her headline performance on the main stage at V. Her order included 58 wing platters, 48 whole chickens, 12 veggie burgers, 24 orders of coleslaw and 24 rice dishes, with the name on the receipt listed as "Beyonce K."

In addition to the report from the Mail, two Nando's employees struggled to hide their excitement when they took to Twitter to share a photo of themselves supposedly preparing some of Bey's massive order. The two male kitchen employees clearly struggled to hide their excitement when they tweeted, "@NandosUK cooking @Beyonce wings while she's at @VFestival #nandoschelmsford."

This isn't the first time that Bey has showed her love of the chicken chain, which has stores in Australia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the US as well as the UK, as the singer racked up another impressive bill at a store in Dublin, Ireland, back in May this year when she spent $1,250. She isn't the only star to enjoy a Nando's either, as Justin Timberlake 'treated' Jessica Biel to a meal at the chain restaurant a couple of years ago. No wonder they're married now, he clearly knows how to treat a girl.

Beyonce V Fest
Bey is clearly a fan of the chicken chain

Beyonce V Festival
Beyoncé during her V Festival set