People love a good scandal in the world of music and celebrity. We love it when lies are uncovered and we can expose a celebrity for misleading us and conning the unsuspecting public out of their hard-earned cash. So when rumours began to fly that Beyonce Knowles was not performing live when she sang ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ at Barack Obama’s Inauguration, was it really the scandal that the gossip-mongerers are making it out to be? 

Take a look at Beyonce's performance at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration

The former Destiny’s Child star made no secret of the fact that she had recorded a track with the military band, prior to the inauguration. She even posted a picture of the recording session on her Twitter page. There’s been no confirmation, or comment from Beyoncé’s camp over whether or not she sang live, though all the clues point to the performance having been pre-recorded. What was more important in this situation, though? Making sure it sounded right (and hell, the vocal performance was impeccable, wherever it came from), or making sure it was live?

It was a freezing cold day, remember. Not great for singing. Sure, buskers manage it and, well, Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor both managed it. But maybe it was too much for Beyonce? Maybe she was ill? Who knows? It’s hardly the scandal of the century though, folks. It’s not like she was auditioning for X Factor, after all. The focus of the day should have been on Barack Obama, not on whether Beyoncé’s pipes were up to the job or not.  

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