For those who may have forgotten about Beyonce, you should be aware that the actual game is far from the main event at the Super Bowl.

What could be called the main event this year, or at least the most hyped up will be Beyonce’s half-time show. Every entertainment outlet hasn’t stopped thumping about it, with predictions, speculation and quotes from all kinds of sources on her upcoming performance. Will the rest of Destiny’s Child be joining Bey on stage? Which songs will she perform? And, most recently, after her lipsync-ed performance at the President’s Inaugural Ball, will she do it 100% live this time? And let’s not forget the added pressure of having to promote her upcoming HBO documentary. The young mother of Blue Ivy does have a lot on her plate currently.

The powerhouse singer sure has some big shoes to fill too, considering that the last halftime show – Madonna’s performance in 2012 - drew in a record 111 million viewers across the nation. This was far more than the people who watched the actual game. Along with Justin Timberlake’s pre-game show and, of course, all of those flashy Super Bowl ads, Beyonce should provide entertainment that’s probably more worth viewing than the whole football thing (or handegg, as the internet has more aptly renamed the game).